Sunday, May 30, 2010

Collection Care Update

First, the news!
Some interesting news on upcoming merchandise to be on the look out for in the upcoming months/summer. This is why it's a good idea to watch the blog as well...

Jazwares is set to make plush versions of:
Tails, Knuckles & Silver
(News discovered by Sonic Ruler)

There should be a...
Sonic 1 gig MP3 player, a boom box, another (modern) walkie talkie set, a digital camera
(news discovered by Berzerker)

Jazwares wants to make
Super Poser Tails, Mini Racer Knuckles, Tails & Eggman

The new page for the week is Collection Care
After having something unfortunate happen with several shirts in my own collection, it was def. time to add this page. It's more of an instructions/utility page, but really, caring for a collection is important too, if you want to preserve it for well...basically forever.

This page was refreshing to do.
It seems very in the spirit of what SonicGear is supposed to be all about. Collecting items, and caring for them is important to any fan. It's very fitting for SonicGear to have a page like this to help out with preservation. The photos there are all of my own things, which did indeed get drawer rot. It's Florida so it's very easy for something like that to happen in the climate. I hope to be able to do more pages like that one in the future. It just seems like everything is such a whirl-wind of throwing stuff everywhere that there's no time to slow down and add true instructional content.

Good new idea of the week:
Has to be the new Shadow keychain with added acrylic chaos emerald. There isn't nearly enough official stuff featuring these important stones. Plus, clear plastic sparkly emerealds are always cool. To me, it makes a nice and fun addition to the keychain. I would def. not mind seeing more characters done this way, each with different colored stones to collect!

Update will occur in 2 parts.