Monday, October 07, 2013

When a Cancellation is Good News

Last week didn't have an update...
That's not what got cancelled. This week's update went along fine & normally, with a few interesting things and some fixer uppers.

Blog topics of the post:
Cancellation is ok sometimes
JW Pages Separated on the site
Fakes that look OK

When is a cancellation a good thing?
When the item was going to STINK. Just got in the happy-cancel news last week. PatMac reports that the horrible Jazwares Metal Sonic plush (you can see that mutant failure over on Prototypes page) has now officially been cancelled. So nobody has to worry about that thing tarnishing the look of Sonic upon store shelves. Good riddance!

What did the Amy look like?

She was ok, not nearly as bad as the Metal Sonic (you can also read on that page how "Cancelled by Manufacturer".

Sometimes, some things just have to be trashed.
JW apparently is not too good at making patterns for small dolls. Their nasty little Shadow plush I think is even on Mutant Gear for being official but awful. It's 100% ok to say "back to the drawing board!" and scrap plans when an item just can't be saved. REAL fans won't pitch a fit either, because no one wants ugly garbage looking items. If you can't do something right, don't release it at all.

Want to see fan items, bootleg items, official items & somewhat unrelated items?

Wish has been reported by Kat
It appears to be a "pinterest" like set up site, but instead of pinning food, people pin merchandise photos they see. There's NO regard to whether anything is official, fan, bootleg or anything else though, so it's just kind of a fun grab bag to look over. Naturally Dr. Who & his "Sonic Screwdriver" and space phonebooth appear all over as well because it can't filter. Since the place is such a grab bag, it wasn't really right to link it on Gear (highway to fakery is possible) but you should still have the opportunity to look over the stuff if you...wish.

Jazwares Classic Styles: Pages Separated
You may also notice this week that the Jazwares Figures Classic Styles page has split into two. It was 1 enormous page for EVERY classic look figure they did, and it was too big, plus they're adding more stuff I guess. Why didn't it start out separate? Because who knows what a company will do, when it starts doing things. In the beginning, it looked like the classic stuff would fall under the "20th Anniv" logo/line only. But now with repackaged re-releases & more stuff being added, it made sense to separate it all by size. JW should also get a 'giant figures' page or something in the future too...

This week also saw another uncommon thing: a fake that looked OK.
It's decent to have something like this show up every once in a while because it's good to remind everyone that bootleggers don't just produce shabby junk that's obviously bogus. That figure could easily pass for the real thing, mis-printed eyes and all--especially in the 'bad old days' of nonsense Space Fighters Sonic figures and things like that. It's big and pretty costly, so you probably wouldn't want it, knowing it's bogus but it's a good opportunity to write about how to investigate details to be really sure something's real or not before spending any money.

Next week:
Hopefully something to do with the Gear Store, possibly shifting the biggest JW figures to their own page, and more older mail.