Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Archie Stuff Post - Crossover Starts

This week's update was a bit behind the scenes.
Stuff got moved around/corrected & taken off International Unknown. Always a good thing, but generally doesn't get listed as part of the update because it was all already on the site, just moved around. The most notable item was a frizbee/'flying disk' that had been on Japan items for pretty much ages. The weird slogan/phrase on there "Try telling your mind its not real" was also a contributor to its original position (doesnt make 100% of sense, if you think about it) but it turned out to be a Segaworld London thing.

Archie Alert: Skip next section if you don't care about Archie.

Archie Alert:
NOW is the time to be going after those Sonic/Megaman crossover comics if you're going to get them.

They posted BleedingCool's video interview

Also they still have up the "Subscribe to everything for a year" package price going on at

They MAY have the books grouped up as a set and sold later, but keep in mind those things tend to sell out & it might just be easier to buy it when it's out now, rather than waiting.

I have no idea how actually popular this is going to be.
Is the Megaman community excited? Do Megafans respect the Archie book? They're going all out with variant covers and all, are those going to end up expensive/collectible?

Sonic Legacy 2 is also out.
I do approve of these compilations, they're great for people who want to get the old stories/art/etc. without spending a bundle on the old/collectible books. For example, that one has Issue 25 in it, which is notorious for its first run having special silver ink that was never used again. It also featured Fan Fave Metal Sonic + Spaz art so that issue couldn't lose. Naturally, it's costly now, so just grabbing Legacy sort of solves it. (Remember, its all in black/white only)

Mawhinny Interview:
Interesting to see. Hopefully they keep doing these in various future books. There's nothing super surprising in there. He used the tv shows & Manak as a ref for the art. (Shows how little Sega did there...where were their reference sheets? Answer: non existent) & didn't try to put his own style to Sonic (which you shouldn't do anyway on an official book so.....) Lots of people complained the early art "The FANS can do better! For FREE!" was a battlecry, if you were there. Well that's why: no official style sheets & no Sega reigning in the art like they should of been. (That's how we get panels with 4 nostril Sonic & etc)

Have some fun here:

SatAM News:
If you didn't research it on the internet, SatAM was their most popular show, they put it up against Power Rangers & it lost & got cancelled. (big couldn't run ANYthing against them -- this will always go down as a super stupid move. Kill your best guy on purpose? Yeah....uhhuh. Why not just put reruns there? If you already know nobody's going to tune in, don't be stupid.)

The 1st ep of the next season got written & that season would've had Knuckles.
Of course everyone was VERY curious of how they'd of treated him. They basically dismissed/got rid of Tails in that show (Tails fans are generally not big SatAM lovers), would Knuckles have merely been a cash-grab cameo who's quickly dumped off-screen to make more room for their own OC's?
It's unlikely anyone will know.

Sally Rotor & Bunnie were his faves from SatAm & to draw for the comic. Well big shocker, they were always more developed than everyone else. He considers his highpoint during the Death of Sally arc (everyone remembers how well that went over so...)

Next Week:
Update status is doing remarkably well, as evidenced by the recent fixes!
Expect photos to appear on Wanted gear (what's up with that? wait n' see!)
Not sure what else. Getting into the goodies from ancient mails, hopefully.