Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sonic has the repaint blues

The new MetalForce Sonic figures are giving fans the repaint blues!

If you havn't already seen one of these guys on Ebay, will have photos up soon. Everyone knows that ToyIsland is doing another set of figures for fall. However, all anyone knew was the all new Super Posable line, and the MegaBot Line 2. Although what the new mega bot will be, is still unknown.

The MetalForce line seems to have slipped out ahead of any other known line and came as a surprise to everyone. This line is merely a repaint of the Space Fighters line from before, which may even still be in your Toys R Us stores. They have repainted the figures space costumes with metallic colors like gold, silver, and metal-hue greens/reds/blues etc. They also took away the head-gear, like for Tails and Knuckles. Unfortunatly they've got the same for everything else, even the not-so-good heads.

This gives fans a chance to get the figures in these wacky get-ups if they missed it the first time, but if you already have these guys, there's not enough change to make you want to buy them again just to get the metal colors.

SonicGear will most likely buy one, and preform the review from that, and then display high quality images of the rest of the figures to avoid buying least for now. The revenue from click ads on Gear would need a signifigant raise if it is to fund actually buying everything.

I don't think that this path is dishonest at all, because it doesn't matter what COLOR the figures are, they'll behave the same, and still have the same sculpts. Fans can still get a good idea of what they're in for if they buy the figures with this type of a scaled back review.