Monday, January 09, 2017

2017 - Sonic Jewelry & A Better Year

2017 looks like it's going to be a better year for Sonic fans.
Well, if they like Sonic stuff, that is. With 2016 consumed by the 'boom ban' (that they said wouldn't happen) it's no real surprise that it was light on cool stuff. Boom alone can't take the place of modern Sonic, Classic Sonic & all of the other characters like the Chaotix, who were people's favorites, and it showed.

Sonic Jewelry: Starts 2017 off right
The 25th Anniversary brings real jewelry to the start of 2017! Earrings, a ring, a necklace & a keychain are being made. Of course, these will all go onto Gear next week. Loads of people really love jewelry with Sonic (and with good reason, its cool, collectible & metal so it doesn't get wrecked) so this is fantastic news for fans right away.

Mania is on the way
Hopefully Mania brings cool merchandise along with it...already a few tees are trickling out & of course the pre order bonus package too.

Kid Robot Mini BB Vinyls
These are good news & not good news at the same time.
Good, because another company is making Sonic stuff to collect
Good, because the figures are actually nice looking & have good variety
Bad, because they're SUPER costly & unfair. For a 3 inch figure, it is 11 dollars. If that wasn't bad enough, you DONT GET TO PICK which figure you get. The "BB" up there means blindbox. Oh and one of the 'figures' is just a big ring. Imagine spending over 20 dollars (with shipping) and getting 2 big rings for your effort. Of course BB=un-return-able too so they're just basically giving fans a rough time making a set like this. Sure it's a good idea releasing classic badnik figures & good sculpt Sonic/Tails/Eggman but geez...let people pick if you're going to ask that much money.

Build a Bear has  Sonic plushes
That's another company with Sonic stuff (will show up next week)

Hot Topic continues - they did another hat (Concern was expressed that HT would have no more Sonic stuff, the hat is new for 2017, so it looks like a good sign)

Next week:
More catch-up stuff. If you sent something in at around December or so and haven't seen it yet, another week'll probably do it. It will be another larger update next week with Japan posters, the Jewelry, BAB, and anything else out of the mail along with several more finds along the way. If the pace of Sonic stuff will accelerate, so will Gear.