Monday, August 23, 2010

Info Update

This week's update went...well!

It was easy enough to do, not flooded with stuff, still had a nice amount of interesting things (check out that Tails statue! Finally get to see the arms after like 3 years of having that broken one up there!) Plus, his origin!

Jazwares news:
Micro all stars racer Knuckles

Yes, he's not in that mini racers 4-pak thing that is already on there, but their site HAS confirmed a mini version of him is going to get made. No you can't see it yet, they've subbed in their photo of the regular size 'figures & vehicles' Knuckles in hopes of having a place-holder.

Fan Items Bullitain! (that's pretty absurd)
WRECKED FIGURES (and merchandise) are NOT fan items!

Letting your dog chew up Sonic merchandise does NOT mean it's battle damaged
If you melted Knuckles, he is not 'melting version Knuckles'
If you covered Sonic figures with some kind of wierd goo or lumpy stuff and they look WORSE that's not customization.
If your little brother scribbled all over your Sonic tee, it's not a fan item, it's a stained up tee.
Breaking something and then "attempting to fix it" does not mean it's customized
Sonic in paint & old hairs you found stuck in the paint is not Werehog

You actually have to customize, improve, or make a marked difference that is GOOD in something for it to make it on. Tons of destroyed stuff has been coming in. Destructing Sonic goods is actually like...the opposite of 'fan item'. These are like...wierd/odd/abusrd examples but they keep turning up in the mail, even though it's kind of obvious that 'letting your dog eat your stuff' is bad and you should try to avoid that.

It may sound ranty, but if all the figures/items etc. that are here now get wrecked, how can new collectors get them some day? (when the originals are out of print) Much like the case of those "Joyride/gamepro bendies". They're worth a bundle now, but when they first appeared people were painting over them and chewing them up like they were a dime a dozen. That joyride Shadow goes around $99 all the time now.

2nd update?
Highly likely. A scattering of more stuff to help out the mail, more info (for sure) possibly some videos, and a store update. GE is releasing more cool stuff, and that usually shows up on Amazon first, so store links should be a snap to place. Look out for another blog post too, if a 2nd update happens.