Sunday, May 01, 2011

Info Correction & Needed Section

Sonic Foods!
Sonic Foods are always a favorite subject of mine. I'm not sure why...maybe it's that they're always a little odd, or unexpected, or that it shows how popular he is that Sonic can reach into every area of goods. This week sees 2 old foods:
Sonic Lollypop Shell
Sonic Blue Rad Lifesavers Roll
That lollypop shell REALLY PROVES why Sonic fans are so awesome!
It had been 'wanted' for such a long time, but I knew someone would come through eventually....and they did. It's what makes the site so super--people can find anything! Then, I had no idea Lifesavers actually dedicated a whole FLAVOR to Sonic. That is just awesome. One must wonder what they tasted like. The whole LS Sonic Contest was big/well known for why not this flavor?

Info Correction:
It turns out the DVD Sonic MegaMix (previously on Bootlegs 12) IS REAL.
CookieJar Entertainment apparently got rights to all 3, and threw a batch of eps onto a set of disks in their box to total 155 minutes. It's not every episode of all 3 shows though, which is way unfortunate. Being able to buy ALL of EACH in 1 grab would be so great for the fans. The way this thing appears, you'll just end up having dupes out of the sets you already own. They should really put their back into it and release an ultimate box or something. Even if it was expensive people would likely buy it.

You should be able to find it at: Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kmart & Target (And also online) price should be around 8.99.
Info correction provided by A Cat & VoluptousSpy

So where did the set go?
If you notice, Gear DOES need another section. Namely "shows pages" or something like that. There is not yet a section dedicated to explaining the various shows or for photos of the released show-items such as disks and box-sets. It should be established soon, and that's where the set will land once it's made.

Item of the week:
Sega employee watch. HighEnd is a rarely updated section of the site, mainly due to such things also being really rare. But a watch made of gold & silver certainly belongs. It's also extra special because it was donated for charity to save earthquake victims. A great item all-around.

Next week?
Possibly the shows section, if everything is calm enough. This week sees another drop in the backlog of mail, so if you're still waiting to see your item go on, just keep patience and it'll get there eventually. Current count is 210, down from 216.