Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fan Item Flood 2 (where's the mail)

This week's another huge update.
Mostly though, it's fan stuff all found by one guy. But to the tune of trying to stuff the entire internet into the inbox all at once just to see what'll happen. No, nothing fishy is going on (like site-raiding/photo theft etc)...because believe me I've been checking for anything nasty to be fuelling the flood so I'd have an excuse to stop it or at least put the brakes on it. But nope, it all seems legit...and it's what people are perfectly supposed to/be allowed to do. "Anything not on the site" that's not some photo I don't have anything to stand on.

However, I've got to get it all on because if you sent in anything I can't even FIND IT under this flood of zillions of emails. That's how much there is, all at once. I'm hoping it runs out soon because...

SonicGear is supposed to please everyone.
It's here to make Sonic fans happy and show people what they want to see. Different people are fans of different stuff, so I try to really get in there and vary the catagories that show up every week, sprinkling on bunches of different items. It's a little frusterating when all of only 1 thing (especially things people don't want, like mutants or bootlegs) come piling in and squeeze out the items that people are clamoring to see. Like this week, what if you don't like fan items because you can't have them? You're out of luck. Both weeks have had only a mere sprinkle of other items due to the work load.

On Rumor Mills:
The internet is the biggest rumor mill. In the recent weeks especially, different things (text only info) have been having to turn away. It is far too easy to fabricate text stories about fantastic figures that no one's ever seen and call it news. It's also easy to mix things up, like the hoards of people who saw the "Shadow the Werehog" customized action figure and thought it was the real thing that was going to get made. Really, it was just a fan repaint.

What about 'official source stories'?
Even THOSE can't always be taken at face value. Some companies maintain a bit of social prescence, with members posting to fan forums to let people know what's coming up, and to check on the buzz. This is a good long as whoever it is is well informed. You probably remember at the beginning of the JW run a JW official once said "We're not allowed to do a Werehog plush" and then look what happened.

That's why for almost anything upcoming, photos must be provided, or else everything would all be full of rumors only. (It's hard to fake a figure! Let alone a whole set of them)

Next Week:
Things may be getting slightly back under control. Hopefully next week will be a healthy mix of items. Watch out for vintage items too, as several should be showing up. No word yet on 10in metal either, so that could bump things at any time still.