Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Odd Day Post & Fingers

Post appears on an odd day of the week.
No real reason for it, it's just the way the timing worked out. Have not been able to have a 'Japan Update' in quite a while. It's nice and refreshing to see another one, as usually the items from there manage to be very interesting to see/unique/uncommon.

Item of the week:
Sonic Salt Shaker. Hands down. Salt shaker collecting (Salt & Pepper, really) is a big deal at least in the USA, but usually isn't character specific. Shakers (in hindsight) are an absolutely wonderful thing to have in Sonic theme. If there was a "Pepper Tails" it would be even better, as then it could be a pair. It even seems surprising that something like that didn't turn up EARLIER because really on the list of 'whimsical containers' shampoos and bubblegum dots are a bit lower on the bright idea list than a shaker. Also, it's likely got to be one of the few ceramic Sonic items which exist. Very nice to see, very hard to collect. (coming out of Japan and all, also being classic and yet managing to never even turn up in any photo till 2010...hmm)

Good Detail:
The werehog fan plush. One word: FINGERS!
Why does it take a fan item for something to finally get real fingers! The fingers look good on the doll too, not those 'paws with threads' that everything always has. Are fingers super expensive? Is it cost-prohibitive to have fingered dolls? Are all patterns for them super stupid? Do people think fingered plush always look bad? There are so many questions without answers regarding the seldom-thought-of topic.

Would it be ok to just buy tons of cheap white gloves and stuff those? (if the plush patterns stunk) Surely that would be better than paws or that pesky "Big Finger Sonic" (you know the one, where he's supposed to have the 1 pointing finger out but for some reason it's like triple the size of all his other fingers...Japan used that on A LOT)

My conclusion is confused. I don't know why we don't have more things with fingers, but I DO think they'd look great on Sonic dolls in general. I wish some company would do it (right), and this fan item has reminded everyone that certainly, it is possible to do it.

Another item claiming to be 'the first Sonic item' appears too, it's the JP PVC that went in Display Figures. Will this thing get dethroned like the Cookie Crisp widget? Only time will tell. I wonder even, if Sega itself knows what Sonic item was REALLY produced first.

It is HIGHLY likely there will be a 2nd update this week, even though this one appears on an odd day. What will be on it? 2 items that I am highly likely to try and buy.