Monday, August 04, 2008

Missed Blog Post & Japan Sonic Update

Well, last week's SonicGear update was a biggie.
As had been mentioned several times before the shirts bin had over flooded with items. It was also put off at least twice, in order to make way for the mail. When it finally went up, there were over 30 photos, and the update didn't actually finish until the next day. Due to that, the blog post got skipped.

The shirt selection though, was mostly that 'yellow tag' mystery company. As usual, they had some tacky (oh man that GREEN! It's like the secret of the ooze you expect turtles to shoot out of it) and some nice offerings. Of particular note are the 2 Amy Rose things. Clearly they're for girls, and feature ONLY Amy, which is curious. None of the other characters really got to 'star' in their own shirts like that. Still, it's great to see, and really helps expand the range of merchandise.

As for this week, it worked out that a mess of the mail was regarding Japan things. Japan really hadn't been updated in quite a while, so it was good to go in and really throw stuff on a bunch of the pages. The most curious of the items had to be in the Display Figures, which was the "Bronzed" trophy thing.
Seriously wierd. ReSaurus had also BARELY come out with that giant talking figure at around the date of it, which further adds to the confusion. Since it's a trophy too, there's likely only one of it so data on what it's really made of is likely quite scarce. I'm very curious to see if it's posable or not, to explain that wacky position they've got it in. The real figure does tend to topple almost all the time, making a nuisance of itself.

The other news in display figures is First4Figures did another release with more data in it, and a nice buying link for their big PolystoneSonic. Got that all published as well, along with another photo. Inspection of the photo will reveal different eyes for Sonic, which in my opinion are worse than the original. They're wider ovals, which makes him NOT on model for the "Classic Sonic". I'm hoping he's released with the smaller eyes, but it's anyone's guess.

Next week will likely see more Australia stuff, and more from the mail bag. The mail is actually whittling down and is around 45 mails, which is the lowest it's likely ever been. Updates and responses will move much more smoothly once it gets down to zero!