Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Malfunction - Multi Update Irritation

The blog decides to malfunction. You'll probably see several mixed up order posts in the recent history for this thing. That's more of the blog arguing with the browser. Several recent things went into "Draft" and got stuck there even though they should have published. To get all the news just keep hitting 'older posts' until you hit one you've already seen.

Angry now because it deleted a really nice one for this week's 2nd update. Not going to re write it, there's no time with everything else going on, AND the figures-only update that needs doing tonight.

1 Sign In for Everything is nonsense-
NO I DONT want to be signed in to the same twitter, gmail & blogger accounts when I sign in on ONE of them ONLY. Don't sign me into everything when I sign in to only 1. I have different accounts I manage and these pages are called different things because twitter is different from gmail. (as if that were hard to grasp) You can probably tell what conflict it was that broke the blog post even though "autosave" engaged several times.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Shadow Plush I Want

This first half of the update sees a batch of new plushes, good and bad.
The bad, is of course Jazwares modern Sonic small doll. Why are they making mutants? They're so good with figures, it doesn't make sense that their plush should be that horrible. It really does belong on mutant gear. One can only hope that people vote with their dollar and refuse to buy it. You can do so much better, for example with...

GE's new offerings. A small Sonic, a medium Shadow & medium Super Sonic. I'm VERY discriminating in my plush choices (no space for anything--you've got to be careful!) and also don't like spending a ridiculous amount. (so like SA2 Japan Shadow at over $500 if way off the books/would never consider) So I have very few plushes. If there's anything 'off' about it, I don't buy. But this new Shadow...I say..if it looks like the photo they took for the product: wow! I would even go so far as to say it could be the USA's best constructed Shadow ever. Since it's not actually out yet though- too early to judge. However, that one, and their Super Sonic are on my 'get list', as of right now, which is still hard to do.

The 2nd half will have more figures stuff.
The mail didn't freak out this week, so it's a good chance to try and get ahead before the next items release. You can look at the 'prototypes' page and see that not everything is out yet, including 10 inch Classic Sonic. However, we do know that JW is attempting to release all of it in a span of the next 4 or so weeks. The photo supplies are in to be able to get pretty much all currently available stuff up on the next update. Hands-on reviews should also be on most of it. Target getting figures too has made the old slow Toys R Us less relevant, so finally the site can keep up with everywhere else.

"Hope you like figures" because that will be the dominant theme for a while yet. Other stuff will squeeze in around the edges as it's been doing. Not everyone is a figure fan, so it's important to try and keep up with variety too. (And there's plenty of it!)