Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog Malfunction - Multi Update Irritation

The blog decides to malfunction. You'll probably see several mixed up order posts in the recent history for this thing. That's more of the blog arguing with the browser. Several recent things went into "Draft" and got stuck there even though they should have published. To get all the news just keep hitting 'older posts' until you hit one you've already seen.

Angry now because it deleted a really nice one for this week's 2nd update. Not going to re write it, there's no time with everything else going on, AND the figures-only update that needs doing tonight.

1 Sign In for Everything is nonsense-
NO I DONT want to be signed in to the same twitter, gmail & blogger accounts when I sign in on ONE of them ONLY. Don't sign me into everything when I sign in to only 1. I have different accounts I manage and these pages are called different things because twitter is different from gmail. (as if that were hard to grasp) You can probably tell what conflict it was that broke the blog post even though "autosave" engaged several times.


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