Monday, December 09, 2019

Holiday Season Sonic - Nice

The verdict for holiday season 2019 is:
The 'naughty' Boom-ban making things boring is well and gone this season, and it shows. There's plenty of watches, socks, pjs, tees, and accessories to show for it. Even Target is getting back into the Sonic swing of things with new offerings. Fans of all sorts can have Sonic items under the tree or anywhere, and that's always great news.

Wave 2 of Jakks Pacific Bendies is: Out NOW
If you read this blog, you can pester your Target store for the bendies as of reading these words because fans are reporting them on shelves.

Opinion Zone:
Good. It doesn't matter that wave 1 is still on shelves, it's the holidays, hopefully kids are getting several of these as gifts now that there's more characters. I will also be getting these for my own collection as I am a figure collector.

K-Mart Closing-
As part of SEARS, K-mart was expected to have some Sonic stuff around, and it often did. Exclusives were always debatable, but if you wanted something at an ok price you could get it. They also ended up with a few of the zany/cheap watches in the end. It's too bad these guys are closing and after this round there won't be any left in the USA. However, their prices on things were often mediocre and could be beaten elsewhere so...they weren't free of issues.
But, if you've still got one, you can give one last try for tees, watches, or a random accessory.

Movie Ban?
It's been fan-asked whether the ugly moviesonic will create some kind of 'movie ban' where they try to stamp out both modern AND classic Sonic in favor of that hairy gremlin. Well, this has been a fear from day 1 of it, and's going to remain a fear because of course, everyone involved will lie a yellow streak a mile long if they think it means milking more money. They lied about Boom, they're gonna lie about this too. Basically all we can do is hope that the answer is 'no ban' , because Sonic is cool and that thing isn't.

Next Week:
More accessories. Leading up to Xmas will focus more on 'stuff you can get now' because people are looking to build their xmas lists and fill stockings with Sonic ideas.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

So They "Fixed" Movie Sonic (Not Good Enough)

Rage time do doo doo do doo

Yeah so they 'fixed' Movie Sonic.
After the internet's huge & simultaneous outcry against the filthy hobgoblin creature in the original, and the stupid nonsensical song/s, they did something about it.'s still no good. Yes, the character model is better but that doesn't help several things, so it's still #notmysonic .

It doesn't fix that it's still "whacky cartoon and generic whiteguy antics vs the gubbermint"
It doesn't fix that Jim Carrey is still Jim Carrey and he isn't Eggman
It doesn't fix that "sonic" is SO SLOW that a stupid human can shoot him with a gun & HIT HIM
It doesn't fix the rubbish, generic plot that you can instantly know ALL OF just from 1 trailer

Wow yea, ET phone home, the live action smurfs, that robot dog movie that flopped in 2018, those "monster trucks movie (where monsters inhabit literal trucks)" where that flopped too, MAC & Me which is ancient, Bayformers movies 1 thru whatever, Pete's dragon, some aliens or cartoons come down and some boring guy (and it is always male, isn't it) has to run around with them while the government 'bad guys military' tries to take them away.
It's like...that plot is SO COMMON. SO TRITE!

But what's the biggest thing?
Splintering Sonic YET AGAIN! WHY!
Clearly nobody's thinking about this, but like STOP re-designing him! We literally just got over that stupid, awful, horrible bloody Boom Ban. It took yeeeeeears for that garbage to get the hell lost, we don't need another ban! Crappy movie merchandise infesting shelves, licenses getting taken away, NEVER SEEING FAVORITE CHARACTERS??? How about that? Do you like Tails? Think Knuckles is cool? Well then don't watch the movie in theaters!

Stuff with the potential to make money always stamps out other-stuff if it's not in that money-maker.
So, who's not there? Everybody else but Sonic.
If the movie does well enough, are they going to allow poor Jakks Pacific to keep making these "no good toys"? Because I guess Shadow is now 'no good' because he's not in the movie. Those authentic looking Eggmans? How about no more of chao, no Rouge, no Chaotix, no nothing because we have to milk the movie for merch 24/7 and can't have those 'rubbish things' interfering or competing with it. And because it's manufacturing, everything takes complete ages to get back to normal.

About the only thing it's got going for it is that there's no game.
Boom having a game is probably about 50% responsible for the Boom Ban, so we may luck out even if all these people "going to see it irooooooooooniccccallly" make it actually get money and not go into the dumpster where it belongs. Of course there's the usual jibber-jabbering lies about that it won't disrupt anything blah blah you've got the racing game and yadda, but we all know that everyone will lie like a cheap rug because that's exactly what was said when Boom showed up. And then look what happened. It took literal YEARS to get modern characters back on merch again, and more ages to get them into games again--even though the boom games were awful bug filled nasty messes that nobody really liked. Only the show was good, and that's only because of the really good writing & self-awareness that it had. But whatever you think of boom/show/game, the end result was the same "no more non-boom modern characters".

The bottom line:
Snuff out this trashy cash-grab and AVOID THE MOVIE & DONT LET FRIENDS SEE IT
Make sure they make NO MONEY if you want to see...well, anything other than this ugly hairy chimp Sonic and no other character for the next 5 years.

Bottom Line Part 2:
I hope I'm wrong. I hope the plot isn't trite and stupid, and I hope it does not affect any merchandise at all. I hope there are no bans & no licenses are removed. I hope the movie just dries up and gets lost as expediently as possible. It's fair, it's boring, it's history, let's move on.
*So we can later on get a REAL Sonic movie where the whole thing is gorgeous CG, any/all characters can appear and the plot is 100% original. I mean, Sly Cooper is getting justice...maybe Sonic will some day if this thing just fades away.

Opinion Zone:
The Sonic is better but it's still a really ugly blue chimp. People are tricked into thinking it's good because the original was horrific. But imagine if this thing was the first shown of it, it'd of still gotten such a yelling.

The actual Gear content:
An actual theme for an update? Yep, finally again. This one was 'cozy fall'.
Because it's the Holiday season, companies are ramping up on 'stuff', so the site's inbox is actually pretty busy. The modern items are in full swing again, with classic style going just as strong. There's lots of characters all around on interesting items, and actual good design going on again. The update/s around here should be pretty satisfactory for everybody.

Next week:
Expect more plush, more pjs, and a couple of uncommon things

Monday, October 21, 2019

Jakks Pacific Sonic Bendy Wave 2 & More

Well...that was fast!
Things going fast on a Sonic site isn't a surprise, but really, Jakks Pacific revealing wave 2 of their bendy figures already seems rather speedy, especially in the world of merchandise. These things had to have been already made practically because 2 or 3 months is about 'no-time at all' in the realm of production of items like this.
It's a just fine, very solid wave 2 line up with more of their accurate heads and good body styles. If the first wave was/is a success, this one should be too. Of course, buying up the Metal Sonic will be everyone's priority, most likely.

Girls Curse
Why in 2019 is this still a thing?
You'd think it'd be gone by now but yet here we go again with no Amy Rose figure but they drag E102 Gamma out of the fossil bin and put him in. You'd think that by now, with everyone complaining all the time about the girls curse phenomenon that someone might think to avoid it but I guess not. Still happening, still annoying.

Rolling Appeal:
What would be better, an accessory like a chaos emerald, a spring bumper, a badnick, a mallet, a star post, a chao or a roller 'disk figure'? I know what I would choose (the cute prop item) but it makes me wonder about others. But I guess rollers are easy and maybe kids love rollers? (Like, little kids who are new to the franchise)

And More!
Yet *another* Sonic bendy has been discovered, this one in a special display package that you can turn to make him 'spin'. So that's the 3rd release of their 'plain Sonic' figure. It should appear next week on the site but may be in Target now.

Amazon Disclaimers:
They're rolling out next week on every page of the store. Everyone has to post 'this site benefits profits from the Amazon links because it is an affiliate'. I guess places were hiding it or something? Gear has always boasted on purpose that they're official links to the stuff and that it is an affiliate so that you could know that it was real. Never realized it was a problem or something you'd want to hide but oh well.

That Dark Tomy Chao:
I don't like it. It's not accurate to the game in that it looks WAY too mean and sinister. The dark chaos were always supposed to look mischievous, like silly little 'badguys' who weren't all bad. The dark side characters would always coo over them in the game when you picked up/rocked them. But this toy is quite nasty looking.

Is the literal model of what it looks like in the game when you do dark/shark mouth.

Clearly though the doll was going by the art, which exaggerates the mouth/eyes but then the toy pushes it further and it just kind of...there's no more appeal left for me?
But that is Opinion Zone only, but I won't own this.

Next week: Some Joypolis stuff turns up again.
Even more socks (They're really getting out of hand.......foot? But that's ok)

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Book Updates: Right Way? & Ebay Idea Decision

This week brought a bit of interesting news:
That Cook & Becker Sonic artbook is getting an updated edition with 32 new pages covering Team Racing, Mania & Forces. That's good news.......for anyone who didn't buy the book or shell out for the special edition.
There's definite effort to make the update the proper way, which is removing the 25th logo, not changing the cover much, and not re-doing the special edition/extras/etc. That way people who already bought it can have their special book, without a new one infringing its value or 'replacing' it or something. So that's good.

But, why not let the pages out as a mini book?
What about people who already bought it and want to see the 32 other pages without spending a whole lot money again? (That's me if you were wondering) You shouldn't be 'punished' for being an early adopter. Make the extra pages as a supplement and have it be like 20 dollars or something as a mini book.  People would probably buy it. Then it could just go next to that big one on your shelf. Plus, what are they going to do when even more games come out?

It's not a big deal but it warranted a paragraph.

The other good news is that the books are apparently almost all gone (originals) because they have been selling well and fans are happy with them.

A Fact: The Funko Funk-os Sonic cereal is real.
It was thought to be a hoax but looks like it's the real deal and it's probably 90% blue dye. And yes it'll come with a dead eyed little zombie Sonic poppy mini whatsis like they all do.

Ebay Idea:
Come Oct/Nov is Ebay buying season.
The Google Ads on the site aren't really doing too much. The 'why' has been discussed on the blog about a zillion times, and it still hasn't changed because it's not something I can change/do anything about. So what to do? Maybe an Ebay idea to follow the plan numbered below:

1. Unworn too-small but fairly large child Sonic X light up shoes (Still lights up!)
2. Passed to reputable ebay seller
3. Put to ebay for bids
3a. Announced on Gear
4. Use all proceeds aside from fee for Gear

It DOES break a cardinal rule of Gear which is 'no Ebay announcements' because then Gear would just become a huge ad with people fighting all over it all the time and nothing would ever get done. But, 1 item 1 time and it's 100% to pay the host...........maybe it wouldn't feel too hypocritical.

It seems like it could be an ok idea.
They're a jewel in the Gear Collection to be sure...but they take up an ok amount of space in their original box and are probably worth some ok dollars and probably should be sold while the lights still work.

Technology is interesting:
That battery is how old now? And it still lights up.
Also the Sonic 'smart watch'. How many years ago was it that Apple was like revolutionary or something for having that iwatch or whatever they called it that didn't even have a screen with the time you could glance at? (So, it's default worse than a regular digital watch right out of the gate you want to see the time not push a button and wait to know what time it is--you shouldn't need 2 hands to see a clock.....there's a pun in there somewhere but its 3am.)
So anyway they were revolutionary x years ago and now a lot of the functions are in a kids 'toy' character watch. Like the camera/videos/voice/micro usb/etc. Progress is nice because these are fun items.

Next Week:
"Missed Items" will be the theme with minor throwbacks that somehow...just weren't found out about until its sort of too late ish /now? Like boom stuff and Tomy stuff even though they lost the license.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Figures Are Back! Jakks Pacific Sonic Bendy Figures 2019

Good news!
Action Figures (sort of) are back! Jakks Pacific has chosen to release bendy figures as their first Sonic offering after gaining the modern license. These are in TARGET in August 2019. They're in the 'video game toys' section, which should be in the actual toy aisles. They are starting out at 9.99 each.

*These were discovered this week/as the post is made on Aug 26, however will go onto Gear with the following week's update.

Opinion Zone:
Jakks Pacific's first showing? VERY GOOD.
They chose Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow as their first wave. All modern.
These are all good decisions.
They combine bendy figure AND action figure - also a good move.
The heads are action figure heads NOT made of bendy-material & are fastened on so you can turn the head like you would an action figure. This is great, because it allows the faces to have better quality and nicer details.

Price 9.99
It's a bit high for a bendy. However the figures are 4 inches, which is larger than a standard bendable, but smaller than a huge one (Ex. that old expensive Shadow/Sonic w/base set)

2nd Toy:
You get TWO toys in every package though.
The 2nd toy is a little odd....
It's a rolling wheel / disk toy with a very pixelated character. It seems to have 'pop out' feet/body for standing, which then push inward to make a disk you can roll because why? Disk. Shadow never gets himself as a disk toy, which shorts them by 1 character so someone will have Amy. Another odd move because it implies an Amy bendy where there's not one.

Jakks Pacific = Good Guys
The boxes look good & different. Bubbles seem stable. Figure quality/likenesses are all good. There haven't been bendies on shelves for YEARS so kids could easily get roped in with these. They don't feel stupid or stale like what Tomy was doing. I'm very positive about all of this. The wheels are a little weird, but we'll see how it does at 9.99 for each.

As a figure collector, I can actually get on board with these as a good decision, and a good first showing from them. I'm not generally a big bendy fan, but these ARE very nice and the quality is easy to see. I hope this is one of absolute tons of great new Sonic stuff that fans will see on shelves from this new company.

Sega Online Art -
Isn't this just very cute?

Next week: Obviously bendy coverage galore.
It'll also have 1 Korea plush per week till they're all gone.
It finally did run out of blankets, though.