Monday, October 17, 2016

Sonic With Fine Art & Arby's Fast Food?

Quite some topics for the Gear Site Blog this time!
First off, UK area Sonic fans will be in for a treat as there are...Fine Art goings on for Sonic in store for the future there? Apparently so. Some sort of limited time exhibits will open up. These will of course, be considered "Sonic Places" so...

Anyone who's going to such an art exhibit...Sonic Gear needs photos of these events/the items/the rooms/ whatever it is they have going on.

When? December 2016, starting Dec. 1
Where? Art galleries associated with Washington Green
What's there? Paintings, Mixed Media & Sculptures
Can you buy something? Supposedly 'limited quantities of some items'

Who has an article about it?

Everyone will be super curious about this, nothing like it has ever happened before. Hopefully some England/Near a "Washington Green" gallery fan can go there and send in photos because fans are world-wide & can't all go.

What about Arby's?
Arby's the fast food restaurant has a fun & funny Twitter account and they appear to really respect video games! They use creative and artistic cardboard to make little scenes with their food...and created quite a stir when they used their Pumpkin Smoothie to make Pumpkin Hill...complete with a Knuckles cut-out! (And check out the bent up fence like the game, also)

It doesn't mean they're doing a toy promo or anything...
It's just all in good fun for the fans. Of course, there are cool & creative responses, using more fast food photos, so it's great to see Sonic characters in the spotlight/being loved by advertisers and fans alike. What good press!

You can see it at

I guess this is a fan item, but it's also by a company at the same time? Maybe it's a first. News supplied by Taaron.

The update itself:
Info seems in short supply this time. What's the prize card? Where's the Eggman hat? Has anyone even seen any of the more recent Boom stuff, these school supplies included? Is any of it actually going to come out? The mystery of the 1947 continues with another jean jacket featuring this as yet unsolved 'slogan' or whatever it is. Also why did they use such bad art = a literal porcupine for the embroidery...Hedgehogs are rounded and have short dense quills not the long string hairs or whatever that has. It's just a really strange thing to make a merchandise around.

Item of the week...probably:
Tomy's classic figures. VERY good to see them learning their lesson after that just awful Boom packaging. The whole thing's enclosed so no more broken/stolen/dirty/ruined figures no one will buy. The price seems steep, but articulation is unknown & so is quality at this time so can't really tell if it's justified or not with the price. SonicGear will, however, have a full review of the figures whenever possible/turn arounds/someone gets them.

*Unlike a lot of the Boom figures I rather imagine someone will end up getting these/sending photos or Gear itself can. They're actually fairly appealing if they can live up to their prices.

Next Week:
Japan items. Hopefully less mysteries. Possibly Tomy,

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Sonic Book Announced

Good news this week!
A new Sonic book has been announced for the 25th Anniversary. There are no photos yet, but it's said to have "unseen" art inside as well as info/character art and possibly interviews. It's supposed to have both new and old (classic and modern) era art and info. The first hardcover collectible Sonic book was really good, so it's likely that this one will be nice too. Rumored to have 2 versions probably a 'normal' and then a 'collectors' with something extra going on. It'll appear on Gear when photos show up!

Modern Sonic continues:
With the GE 20 inch Super Sonic (likely out at year's end) and a new STK tee with modern characters it's looking like Modern is back for keeps.

Mascot Somewhat-news
Remember the 'ice bucket challenge' to raise money to fight illness?
Another organization is attempting something a bit similar, this time for cancer research. It's "Do the Twist" to get rid of childhood cancer. Its' gimmick is that mascot characters post videos of them doing the dance for 36 seconds and then donate to the charity cause. Afterword, they call out the names of 2 other mascots who should go next. It's a good effort, but because only mascots can participate, and they're rare-er than regular people not a lot of people have heard of the challenge.

Why bring it up?
Chuck E Cheese has an Instagram (you can't see all of its images/messages on a PC, it's a mobile thing mostly, but

And Chuck E. calls out Sonic, Chester Cheetah & Tony Tiger mascots to do the dance next. However, it looks like it didn't get noticed by the other companies/yet.

Info brought to blog by: Crystal SonicFan

Normal News: The Sonic Clothing USA section got big enough this week to require a 'link hub' for convenience. This is quite a milestone.

Anti-Item of the Week
That poor Sonic dress could hardly be tackier. What is the fabric? What are the big, random words? It didn't even fit in, in the 90s when it was produced.

Actual Item of the Week
Super Sonic 20 inch GE Entertainment plush. Big dolls? Big fun! Everyone seems to love a large size plush, and GE is delivering once again with a very solid looking Super Sonic. This also is VERY likely to mean that the original SS was a success for them, which is also really good news.

Next Week:
The book, if it appears. Likely some kind of accessories, more Japan items.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sonic Back To Normal? & CG Trend

It's been a while...
But it looks like the state of Sonic merch may be going back to normal. As in, no 'stamping out' of any certain type of Sonic. Modern style tees, new modern stock art, and more are appearing in the USA, Japan & Europe. And not just like 1 fluke item too that maybe got forgotten about before Boom nixed most things especially in the US.

I have no real issue with Boom, but I DO have an issue when it stops non-boom things from getting made or stamps out other characters that people may be fans of. Just because Blaze or Rouge or Espio isn't in boom, doesn't mean they should just have to disappear forever.

Item of the week:
Mania Pre Order Pack!
Def. deserving of its place with a big quality statue that even makes noise! Plus another cool commemorative ring in special 'cartridge shape' box. The whole thing is really looking like a lot of thought was put into it. It LOOKS "Sonic 1 or 2" while also being new at the same time. The gameplay footage looks similar, taking oldschool elements but using them in new ways. Like a rotating semi-circle of star bumpers as an 'obstacle'. The package design/item design all also reflects this. I think pre-orderers will be very happy with it*.

*What's this star?
It's title topic #2. The "CG Trend"
So what's up with companies using all this CG? If you look at the 'statue' for the Mania Bundle, you can tell it's not real. It's just some computer rendering 3D looking fake 'sprite' thing they stuck down on the mock-up Genesis console base. It's easy to see WHY they did it: the statue wasn't ready when they NEEDED to announce the bundle. So they substituted CG for the real thing. Now, everyone will wonder if the real deal will live up to looking like the graphic.
Prediction: Probably.

Ok that makes sense for a deadline release...
But why all the other stuff that gets the CG phony treatment? Half the Boom stuff lately has been 100% non-existing-yet. The bike's an overlay, the notebooks are just 'art' of possible notebooks, the shoe might not even be real. None of these things have a deadline to miss or hit. Why release "photos" at all if the item's not ready to be released? Nobody's going to know or care if your notebook comes out in November or February.

It's easy to fake:
Notice the disappearing items at Gear. The phony Tomy modern figure & 'soap shoe' GE Entertainment plush. Why? They were CG hodgepodges of stuff that DOES exist, combined to make an item that doesn't. With every company tossing around 'fake' images of things that don't yet exist, it makes stuff like this really easy to believe in. Who would suspect it if companies just keep doing this same/similar/item isn't even real yet "photos" to promote?

Next week:
Hopefully Mania keeps bringing Sonic back to normal and we can get some nice looking/quality/new interesting goods & art. Next update will likely bring more classic stuff anyway or could be completely classic.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SweeToon Sonic: What is it & what's new?

There's a new company around!
This week's update saw the addition of SweeToon to SonicGear, with a load of new food! Why haven't you heard of it? Because it appears to be an Arabic-speaking/writing/Arabia general area marketing sort of company. They don't actually make the foods themselves, they appear to be a license getter company that pairs up food makers and licensed characters to produce products. It's like how a notebook maker may get a Sonic license, and then do notebooks with all sorts of Sonic themes.

Is it good?
Yes! Probably. More modern Sonic products to please the fans are always long as the quality is nice and it makes sense. They've got a LOT of stuff out too, they don't just go little by little, their Sonic launch has the following items (All seen on SonicGear)

Mini marshmallows
Character heads marshmallow lollypops
Big chocolate bar with filling
Thin chocolate bar
Chocolate drops
Nutella (type) hazelnut spread
Hazelnut spread dippers packs
Chocolate flavor cereal
Corn flake cereal
Crispy Rice Marshmallow Treat Blocks
Chocolate Prize Eggs

That's no small start.
Plus, they're running ads with CG Sonic in them and generally seeming to be responsible about letting people know about these.

Any problems?
It's not available everywhere. With how 'collectible' the Sonic pasta shapes was over here in the USA, you'd have to think these would drive 'em wild. The eggs were 'made in Italy', but are they sold there too? Italy has plenty of fans so you'd hope so. (It also never writes SonicGear)

Any complaints?
Yes, but only a little so far and it's "The items ARENT Sonic themed".
It holds up...but not all the way. The majority of the items ARE in fact generic! Only the marshmallow lollys, chocolate drops and prize eggs are actually Sonic themed with shapes/stamps/prizes that are Sonic related. Every other item is just a general item with Sonic characters printed onto it. Some people will never care and say it's fine, while others will say that the packaging isn't enough and it's a cheap cash grab aimed at fooling kids.
Opinion zone:
If the food is actually good and kids like it because it has Sonic & co on there why is it bad? Sure the cereal would be more fun with Sonic shapes marshmallows or something, and the hazelnut spread is a little fishy because it looks just like a Nutella jar for no reason but it's over all a positive thing, especially if they let it out of the area.

Anti Item of the Week:
Sonic "Glastache", its totally unrelated to a mustache, you likely couldn't wear it around, it's a Spencers item so its likely too expensive for little kids to use it as a mask and...what exactly is this thing FOR? Halloween maybe? It's as baffling as their 'anti pocket watch'. (The pocket watch that has spikes so it won't fit into pockets)

New Neoclassic art:
Now on a messenger bag from Japan. It's classic 'really leaning' Sonic, and it's pretty good. Nice to see more new art so stuff doesn't get looking stale/repetitive whether its new or old.

Next week:
Probably a few more things related to Sonic Mania directly or indirectly. Like, the 'around the world' pixel tee is an item made for Mania even though it doesn't say it is.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Tomy Sonic & The Not Very Action Figures

This week's update brings...
Boring news!

More 25th Anniversary stuff you're unlikely to be able to get that's actually cool (Pre Order Boom Fire Ice only in Japan for an exorbitant rate and get the items...yay) more classic style stuff plus genuinely old things too.

Why don't they SELL actual COOL stuff? (more often)
It's great to have cool items that people really want/haven't seen before as pre-order bonuses, prizes, or things like that. Of course, bonuses should be desirable. But...what controls for never selling stuff like that at retail? Instead we get:

"Oh here's the 3 billionth tee with 'forward facing Sonic face' AGAIN."

It's not like the flat acrylics wouldn't sell, or people wouldn't want a crystal cube. Certain things of course, must be limited, like the commemorative coin, but that ought not to apply to everything that's not just another tee. I don't get it.

Terrible Tomy?
Anti-Item of the Week:
Get a look at Tomy's prototype 'modern Sonic' action figure.
They need to get back into the 1990s with that sad excuse. It's so static (straight arms, straight legs, hardly any articulation, static boring hands in 'claw' poses that are merely a reflection of each other) that it looks like it ought to be a free meal toy.

Then, we're somehow back to off-model Sonic figures?
How does this even HAPPEN in 2016?
Jazwares was making the heads from the data in the games so you don't get wonky sculpts and people just guessing what the characters should look like (EX. ReSaurus). But that's them, they're not Tomy. However, with the license should come being forced to make accurate figures...and should come with the CG models to make that happen.
It's Tomy: The Boom figures were likely coming from their models in the those were decently accurate looking as well. And that IS Tomy. So we know they can do show-accurate figures. But somehow their "modern Sonic" has a body shape no version of Sonic ever had (And Tomy KNOWS THIS! They've made classic Sonic before!)

Ok so they're not really good at articulation like Jazwares was (so why give them the license?) but they don't try to make up for it in any way and just create this stiff boring figure. Which to top it off isn't accurate to the games or anything else.

What's best:
When it doesn't do very well because it isn't fun & doesn't look fun & has a sky high price Tomy & Sega will blame the fans saying "Well nobody wants Sonic action figures any more...might as well give up...clearly Sonic has no fans left booooo hooooo".

Ray of hope 1: This thing's still a prototype. Maybe they could fix it before it's released?
Damper: Doubtful. Tomy is unskilled at figure making articulation. The best anyone could hope is they fix his body away from looking like a stupid grape.

Ray of hope 2: Modern Sonic is allowed to exist again.
Damper: None. After the whole "Boomstyle is third-style it affects no other Sonic" was proven to be total lies by Sega/whoever else Boom thoroughly stamped out all instances of Modern Sonic merch. This new figure & GE's new plush prove modern Sonic is being allowed into merchandising again. Hopefully this continues because a lot of unnecessary ire was raised among modern fans over it. (As in, they wouldn't normally have a problem with Boom, if it WAS a third style, but everyone got angry when they took away modern style instead of allowing all 3 to exist to satisfy fans)

Next Week:
Spencers selections! Spencers gifts is apparently taking a break from all the pot they've been shilling to focus on a few new Sonic items. (It had been previously thought that they were winding down Sonic brand carrying/no more stuff from them, but apparently that's false)