Sunday, September 22, 2019

Book Updates: Right Way? & Ebay Idea Decision

This week brought a bit of interesting news:
That Cook & Becker Sonic artbook is getting an updated edition with 32 new pages covering Team Racing, Mania & Forces. That's good news.......for anyone who didn't buy the book or shell out for the special edition.
There's definite effort to make the update the proper way, which is removing the 25th logo, not changing the cover much, and not re-doing the special edition/extras/etc. That way people who already bought it can have their special book, without a new one infringing its value or 'replacing' it or something. So that's good.

But, why not let the pages out as a mini book?
What about people who already bought it and want to see the 32 other pages without spending a whole lot money again? (That's me if you were wondering) You shouldn't be 'punished' for being an early adopter. Make the extra pages as a supplement and have it be like 20 dollars or something as a mini book.  People would probably buy it. Then it could just go next to that big one on your shelf. Plus, what are they going to do when even more games come out?

It's not a big deal but it warranted a paragraph.

The other good news is that the books are apparently almost all gone (originals) because they have been selling well and fans are happy with them.

A Fact: The Funko Funk-os Sonic cereal is real.
It was thought to be a hoax but looks like it's the real deal and it's probably 90% blue dye. And yes it'll come with a dead eyed little zombie Sonic poppy mini whatsis like they all do.

Ebay Idea:
Come Oct/Nov is Ebay buying season.
The Google Ads on the site aren't really doing too much. The 'why' has been discussed on the blog about a zillion times, and it still hasn't changed because it's not something I can change/do anything about. So what to do? Maybe an Ebay idea to follow the plan numbered below:

1. Unworn too-small but fairly large child Sonic X light up shoes (Still lights up!)
2. Passed to reputable ebay seller
3. Put to ebay for bids
3a. Announced on Gear
4. Use all proceeds aside from fee for Gear

It DOES break a cardinal rule of Gear which is 'no Ebay announcements' because then Gear would just become a huge ad with people fighting all over it all the time and nothing would ever get done. But, 1 item 1 time and it's 100% to pay the host...........maybe it wouldn't feel too hypocritical.

It seems like it could be an ok idea.
They're a jewel in the Gear Collection to be sure...but they take up an ok amount of space in their original box and are probably worth some ok dollars and probably should be sold while the lights still work.

Technology is interesting:
That battery is how old now? And it still lights up.
Also the Sonic 'smart watch'. How many years ago was it that Apple was like revolutionary or something for having that iwatch or whatever they called it that didn't even have a screen with the time you could glance at? (So, it's default worse than a regular digital watch right out of the gate you want to see the time not push a button and wait to know what time it is--you shouldn't need 2 hands to see a clock.....there's a pun in there somewhere but its 3am.)
So anyway they were revolutionary x years ago and now a lot of the functions are in a kids 'toy' character watch. Like the camera/videos/voice/micro usb/etc. Progress is nice because these are fun items.

Next Week:
"Missed Items" will be the theme with minor throwbacks that somehow...just weren't found out about until its sort of too late ish /now? Like boom stuff and Tomy stuff even though they lost the license.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Figures Are Back! Jakks Pacific Sonic Bendy Figures 2019

Good news!
Action Figures (sort of) are back! Jakks Pacific has chosen to release bendy figures as their first Sonic offering after gaining the modern license. These are in TARGET in August 2019. They're in the 'video game toys' section, which should be in the actual toy aisles. They are starting out at 9.99 each.

*These were discovered this week/as the post is made on Aug 26, however will go onto Gear with the following week's update.

Opinion Zone:
Jakks Pacific's first showing? VERY GOOD.
They chose Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow as their first wave. All modern.
These are all good decisions.
They combine bendy figure AND action figure - also a good move.
The heads are action figure heads NOT made of bendy-material & are fastened on so you can turn the head like you would an action figure. This is great, because it allows the faces to have better quality and nicer details.

Price 9.99
It's a bit high for a bendy. However the figures are 4 inches, which is larger than a standard bendable, but smaller than a huge one (Ex. that old expensive Shadow/Sonic w/base set)

2nd Toy:
You get TWO toys in every package though.
The 2nd toy is a little odd....
It's a rolling wheel / disk toy with a very pixelated character. It seems to have 'pop out' feet/body for standing, which then push inward to make a disk you can roll because why? Disk. Shadow never gets himself as a disk toy, which shorts them by 1 character so someone will have Amy. Another odd move because it implies an Amy bendy where there's not one.

Jakks Pacific = Good Guys
The boxes look good & different. Bubbles seem stable. Figure quality/likenesses are all good. There haven't been bendies on shelves for YEARS so kids could easily get roped in with these. They don't feel stupid or stale like what Tomy was doing. I'm very positive about all of this. The wheels are a little weird, but we'll see how it does at 9.99 for each.

As a figure collector, I can actually get on board with these as a good decision, and a good first showing from them. I'm not generally a big bendy fan, but these ARE very nice and the quality is easy to see. I hope this is one of absolute tons of great new Sonic stuff that fans will see on shelves from this new company.

Sega Online Art -
Isn't this just very cute?

Next week: Obviously bendy coverage galore.
It'll also have 1 Korea plush per week till they're all gone.
It finally did run out of blankets, though.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Cameo Upcoming & A Show Stealer

First off...
Next week's update will probably be delayed, maybe by a day or so. It's not a big deal.

Item of the week: F4F Sonic & Tails.
All around super-duper-classic item, they literally never disappoint on detail. This display makes perfect use of their materials (clear, semi opaque, etc) and their artists' super ability to capture things accurately and come up with something that genuinely looks dynamic.

This week's update though, featured another winner from F4F.
Badnik RhinoBot steals the show! Wow, is the sculpting and attention to detail on this super excellent. It LOOKS like it would be a real item that would come after you. Everything from the tread on the tire to the double metal textures and inset's pretty much amazing.
However, it's also something else.
It's realism in Sonic item done RIGHT. That stupid BS #notmysonic movie is the antithesis of this item. The rhinobot is still 'a cartoon', but it's not whacko uncanny like some of those pokemon in the movie because it's true to form and the texture didn't ruin it. It looks "mean" because of the metal visor's position over the googly eyes that it has. You can tell Eggman designed it that way to 'menace' Sonic or other animals as it rolls around.
It is just very cool.

Yeah Sonic never really leaves the pop culture scene / mind. Coloring hedgehog things blue is just 'a thing now' because of him. It seems like every show/whatever wants in on this joke bandwagon no matter how old it gets. It's fine, but unsurprising.

A Cameo Alert?
That's rare, because usually they are just a token random thing in a Sega game or some related item like Phantasy Star. However, there is an upcoming cameo that nobody really expected, and it is
1. Different

In the Cartoon Network produced show OK KO (a comedy kind of simple animation scribble people type show) Sonic will........for some reason......appear. YES fully animated, YES voiced, AND TAILS TOO! So like, why is he showing up on this fairly new show? The show isn't even CN's biggest hit? Like, how many OK KO fans are out there? People like worship Steven Universe and whatever, but this thing? It doesn't seem to have the same 'bigness of deal-ness'

So why would Sega agree to it?
What's the point of it?
Why would CN ask for him to cameo in THIS show out of all of them?

Next week's update will have the literal video of where he appears, ahead of the August 4th Air Date so you can see it or choose to 'toon in'. However, it's super unlikely that the show itself will explain why or how he's there. Nothing like this has been done before anywhere other than Wreck it Ralph...but there at least he had a plot reason to appear.

Next Week's Update:
It will have quite a few tees as well as the cameo video.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Jimquisition: Another Point vs. #notmysonic Movie & Odd Item

This week sees yet more of the liquidated Japanese collection going up...
But it also sees the rather oddball...

Item of the week:
The Whoopee Cushion. Just when you thought that Sonic couldn't go onto a more obscure item, here comes the joke cushion with great big Sonic imprint right on there. It's a bit of a cheap-grab type item, because it's one of those Chinese 'brand-anything' stamper type things...not a cushion designed specifically around Sonic themes.
But it still counts.
It's from Gameworks, which makes sense because those 'prize counter' ticket win places like to have cheapo goodies to tempt tickets away from players at the end of the visit. Things like the yoyos, ez-brand beach balls, probably water bottles and other plastic goodies fall into the same category where the same Sonic/Gameworks graphic is stamped onto every generic thing and put behind the ticket counter.
But really, did you ever think you could see or collect an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog Whoopee Cushion?

I sure didn't.
So here's this blog post.

But so that it's not just about a farting plastic doohicky from days gone by....

The Jimquisition:
It's an 'internet personality' guy who covers video games. It stars "Jim Sterling" as a character who is as pompous and obnoxious as it can be on purpose for gags and silliness in reviews and points. Of course he has an intro theme song about himself and all the usual stuff...and just as usual as that is the show jumping on the hate-bandwagon of that BS Sonic Movie #notmysonic garbage.

Hating on this thing is justified and it brings the views, but he brings a point that it seems like even I did miss & it's interesting enough to write about because it doesn't make a lot of sense.

1. Companies pay a lot of money for a person or a thing.
2. They use whatever they bought as much as possible to 'get monies worth'
3. This often leads to badness or over-use of the thing/person in whatever they made

Stallone in Judge Dredd movie 1.
He took the helmet off so you could see the expensive face & he could do acting. *Anyone who ever even looked up Judge Dredd knows why this is a problem in 1 instant: his whole cannon was that literally no one ever saw his face after he became a Judge and it's a huuuuge deal in the core material/books/comics/anything.

RDJ in Iron Man
He always takes the helmet off even when he wouldn't/shouldn't/it doesn't go with the plot & there are movie cameras inside the helmet so you are always seeing his expensive face. They paid him to go in there so you will see him every second they can muster to get monies worth. This doesn't make the movie/s BAD, or HIM to be bad, it's just "A thing" that always happens.

Of course, those are only 2 among hundreds of examples of the same thing. Bay is known for it in his Bayformers movies, shoving brands all over so he can use their stuff for free.

So why then........did they PAY for Sonic & then....NOT PUT SONIC?
It doesn't make any sense. You paid for Sonic, and all he stands for/comes with, and then use exactly zero of it by making a filthy manhog abomination and having Jim Carrey ham it up as Jim Carrey and just labeling that as eggman. I can use a sticky label to write "CAT" on a dog, but that won't make it one, either.

The mystery he brings up is forever unsolved though...
But it's almost like breaking a law of physics--it's a secret law hidden in the background but always obeyed like gravity. Companies wringing out money to the detriment of everything......and then somehow disobeying this 'wring money'???

The other main point is:
Cannon WORKS.
He uses the example of Spiderman vs Mysterio who is a 'traditionally goofy' looking villain because he has a clouded bowl sphere helmet and big cartoon cape. He's very comic-bookey but yet, here he is in a serious picture on the big screen and......the movie is succeeding.

His examples are that the failed everything in the 90s & whenever up until like the first Xman movie (and even a little then) just. could. not. trust. cannon. The first Xmen tried to stamp it out by making fun of the comic book suits and putting black leather everything. Then you had 'galactus' on the big screen and they made him be a wierd cloud because can't trust cannon. Like Batman had to be campy and couldn't do serious stuff, or actually be a detective because they didn't trust the cannon.

But then, surprise, the cannon stuff works because............
That's what they spent all the money to acquire. It was already succeeding! That's why they bought it! So they buy it, then they take away all these parts that 'dont fit' and when it doesn't succeed, they blame fans.

Do watch the video if you get 20 minutes to annoy yourself.

More justice?
Apparently Dragon Quest will get justice too, it's movie is in universe and all CG, and apparently the characters look correct with the games & there's that famous blue slime drop thingy everyone sees. How is it that all these other titles seem to be able to get a movie that's at the least respectable?

Next week:
An eclectic batch of stuff with some good variety, probably.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Next Update Will Be Early / Off Schedule

If you've been on ebay...
You'll likely have seen someone is liquidating a rather large turtles/Sonic/fighting game collection, which is mostly Japanese. This provided loads of images of stuff that wasn't on gear / and may even have been previously unknown. So, naturally, I harvested everything and it'll be showing up in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of upcoming weeks...
The next update is likely to be early, probably Thursday and will be almost all or all JP items from this series of sales. Then, the update won't appear on Sunday, but at least that way it won't get skipped for the week. After that, everything should return to normal timing.

NKOK returns:
It was predicted by the fans, and it happened. This race car / RC maker is back on board for TSR and no one is surprised. It's just fine too, because they have always seemed to do a decent job. The new cars so far are only Sonic & Shadow (so you can rivals race) but it has a 'speed boost' new feature & nothing has been deleted, so if you like those toys it is good news.

Amazon is springing into action:
With the Boom ban really thoroughly gone for a good long while, the production pipeline is finally really flowing with good modern stuff. Sweatshirts, socks, and tees galore. Hopefully the selection just keeps on coming because lots of people have put collecting on hold while waiting.

About waiting...
What about GE Entertainment? They got the license back and started producing their standard Sonic doll again (good--but wouldn't make the site because it is literally the same thing) but what else? They were best for uncommon characters and really good likenesses, everyone was pretty much hoping of Rouge / Silver / Jet / Espio plush comebacks as well but it seems they're slow or something else is going on.

Item of the Week:
The silver 10th anniversary Sonic Ring. Yes it was part of the liquidation, and the detail shots can really show it off. This item is always really interesting to see, like how the band is extended spikes and other design choices they made. It's rather too bad they didn't make more of these (very limited run) and as always, it is very expensive when it appears, 800 to 900....and they'll likely get it too.

Next week:
Earlier than next week....expect Japanese stuff galore including a poorly pasted text grab bag.