Monday, March 23, 2020

During the Virus Posting

This virus needs to shut up right quick and get gone.
Hopefully the scientists of the world will find something that kills and cures it soon. However, in the meantime lots of people are staying inside as they should in order to avoid it. And, there should be something to look at during that time, so why not........Sonic merchandise?

While the jobs may not continue certainly the updates will.
This one had 2 of everything on it so there could be twice the stuff to see. It also had one of the things that's always quite the chore for me to do, which is having to splinter off a new page category. In this case, it was Watches USA because there were getting to be wwaaaaay too many of them on the Accessories page, so really they deserved their own section.

This is difficult because it's very time consuming, gathering up the photos out of where they were, piling them onto the page and then having to re-arrange the pages they came off of so everything still fits and looks ok. So, it's a lot of work but again with 2 whole pages of stuff it was worth while. And yes there was 1 new watch added for good measure.

Item of the Week:
The Xbox PSO2 Sonic Cameos. The game is still in beta something but these things are always nifty to see. The big statues in the lobby, the face masks and other stuff, it's cool when cameos can be really up front and obvious like they are here. Being able to dress up characters in a Sonic-inspired (while not wacky mascot type) suit is a fun new enough addition for it.
How much ST influence is in the game actually?
No idea. It's certain to be waaaay less than it was when PSO1 and other pso's were about, though. It's free for PC when it turns into the final edition though so do check it out if you're even a little bit curious. (This is literally the 1 game that I play)

Backpack hangers:
It wasn't meant to have 2 sets of them this week it just happened. So why so many, and why are they not more well known/seen? The classic type ones were supposed to be at Books A Million but that's not even a common store.

Next Week:
More variety and not just USA stuff, hopefully.
Is the virus going to put merchandise on hold? It might. However, there's enough older stuff lurking that Gear updates should not actually ever run out nor stop.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Next Week Will Be Different: Puma x Sonic

Remember when DropDead Clothing did a whole thing for Sonic in England?
Well, it looks like Puma has decided to do something similar and have released no less than SIXTY ONE SONIC ITEMS all in one go, at their website. That's more than DD had, though these items probably aren't as fancy and don't come with mini chaos emeralds. (probably) However they DO provide something fans have wanted for about forever:

ADULT size Sonic shoes.
Shoes themed for Sonic...but that fit any size of feet. Yes kid feet too- Puma is thoughtful. There's a lot of frustration from fans who are tall, or who have bigger feet or whatever--regardless of age that can't wear the Sonic stuff they want. Sad PJ sets with cool designs and soft fabric that are somehow only for 6 year olds, annoying tees for toddlers, etc. If someone's going to design something cool, at least make it so anyone can wear it, or make a larger version too. (If you're 6 years old right now chances are you don't know classic vs modern Sonic)

Also, it's not just the sneakers they're doing suede shoes and also those 'scuffie' flip flop foam looking things so that's 3 whole types of shoes. There has never been a Sonic sandal? Now there is.

There's the usual stuff too that you'd expect from them like hats, sportswear and backpacks because they can easily brand such patterns/fabrics and things that they already own. However, what's not as usual is...

Their character & design picks!
The website calls everything "Sonic", but it's really not. There's a DEDICATED AMY-Only Shoe! Amy fans will really be satisfied with this! She so seldom gets to star on something that these are great to see. But then, inspect the tees and things because they will pair up like Shadow & Knuckles on something where like...that never happens.
Stuff that looks like a variant......isn't.
Pick through all the stuff and it looks like they're just changing the color of something/w same design but often they're not, they swap out like Shadow for Super Sonic sometimes. (The descriptions are a little lazy which is interesting...ish to see)

The slogan for the line seems to be "Puma x Sonic Who's Faster"

So, what'll happen next week is that there's a build-out for a specific Puma Page on Gear, just like how Drop  Dead had that gathers everything from this collaboration regardless of actual category. This will keep it easy to find/track and keep it from scattering out onto all the other pages. The sneakers that are the flagship shoes of it will appear twice though because those were already done onto Accessories. This will put aside most of the regular update though because it is a lot of stuff and it may take 2 updates to get it all to go on.

How about this timing, eh?
It's about certain to not be a coincidence that this collab is happening around the time of the movie. But notice how that MovieGremlin ISN'T anywhere to be found on the merchandise. It's all Classic and Modern Sonic. Interesting how that works isn't maybe........Sonic looks really cool? Maybe Sonic has a great design? Maybe Sonic characters other than him are cool too? And people like those a lot? And they will want merchandise with Sonic and not a hairy gremlin? GEE WHIZ. Who would think of such a thing. Hmm.

Another new page?
Yes in the future probably "Sonic Watches" because there are accumulating way too many of those on Accessories and they should be split off. However, it's currently "Raining Merch", so that won't happen until it calms down a little. It's important to inform fans about what is out "Right Now" than it is to sort or focus on classic anythings.

*It also keeps doing that every week, if you notice classic, boom, X, and non-US stuff has gone into the back seat over and over due to how much 'out now' just keeps getting reported.  There would be more non-US current stuff if it got sent in but I guess nobody found 2020 merch much of anywhere else.

Toyfair 2020
It's ToyFair NY as this post is being made but it is important to note that Jakks Pacific generally never shows at this Fair so if you don't see anything Sonic from them, don't fret because that is usual behavior from them and doesn't mean anything.
If anything Sonic from some other company appears at it though, of course it'll get posted about.

Item of the Week:
Art Frame Sonic. Isn't this wacky that it wasn't thought of before now? I mean, it's such an obvious thing to make that it doesn't make much sense that it took till 2020 to get this. *But it's kind of too bad the art of him isn't great? Yes it's modern Sonic but there's something kind of off about him? It's certainly an opinion on it but I wouldn't have this. There is better executed art of him out there...even stock art...that I like more. This one makes Item/Week because it is new but also not new.

Item of the Week #2
The Puma sneakers 'subtle Sonic', of course.

Next Week:
It's gonna be Puma

Monday, February 10, 2020

Annoying Post - Annoying Update

Well, there's never been an update with this sort of title before!
Almost everything on the post out of just (mostly) happenstance turned out to be annoying. Once there were like 3 or 4 things, I purposefully picked the rest to fit them to the theme. Sonic items can't be without criticism, but we complain because we care.

Anti Item of the Week-
Stupid ball plushes? What are these even? expect better from GE after this time, stupid toon balls? They're so ugly too...and it's not like 'oh they did a bad job and it uglified' no, it's the whole concept is ugly and stupid. It's like he already rolls up! Make him rolled up! Not a baseball with creepy features pasted onto it ugh. And the fact that there's 3 of them meant someone thought it was a great idea. Even more ugh.

Things that are fun/cool/quality and will never fit (the pjs) are annoying but for totally different reasons. That Cuddl Duds set actually feels really great/soft like something you would want.

Re-buying annoys action figure collectors so, the set goes on there too...even though it's not genuinely annoying. It's a fine way to buy the show for display and collecting/just don't debox the figures if you already had them.

Movie Stuff:
It comes out this Friday so the update had to have more things. That madlib book is just too big of a target to not make fun of it. I also find it sooooper interesting how the items and art are trying sooooo hard to downplay the 'movie troll' parts of the design and pander into 'modern Sonic', because THEY KNOW HES BETTER and that the movie design is trash so they try to hide it in the merch by making him look more 'modern' than he does 'movie'.
This would be hilarious if it wasn't going to drag Sonic's name through the mud.

More Items:
You'll have probably noticed in general more items are showing up every week. That's general, there just seems to be more stuff coming out. Usually there are 6 things each update, to keep the time spent on it in check / not let it take over all of time/go on for just hours and hours. However, I also refuse to let the submissions bins flood over with old mail and people not getting responses so to keep up, it'll probably be more than 6 things a week for a while.
*This is good

Next week:
Expect more than usual on the items too, and of course more movie stuff because that update will be after it's release. It will also have stuff that's in stores NOW so that people can act & buy what they want right away. That kind of thing is always going to get priority, because Gear's purpose is to serve as a guide to help fans actually collect what they want. Sonic swim trunks are coming!

DONT GO SEE THE SONIC MOVIE if you don't like the look! If you don't want that hairy thing to be the future of Sonic DONT GO SEE IT. Not for the irony, not to hate watch, not for 'the lulz', just don't go because money only votes 1 single way and that is 'yes'. Do not spend 1 cent on this thing if you don't approve. If you want to support Jim Carrey the millionaire, give it a netflix or something later on. Sonic doesn't need to be further divided by a million design choices.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

2020's Good Sonic Start

The year continues to be off to a Sonic Start!
Merchandise is all around us once again, with good classic/modern and character variety as well as store variety. There are at least 3 new brand names working with Sonic between these two weeks alone, plus more to come on upcoming weeks as well. And that's new stuff too, not some uncovered thing from the 90s. Availability seems ok too with places like Amazon and Walmart that pretty much anybody can get to.

Why "All America Again"?
Because it's what's easiest to find, and what gets sent in the most. There's probably UK and EU stuff, but it's more difficult to get it on a search engine (here) and Gear doesn't currently seem to have any Euro shoppers out cruising in game stores & taking photos etc. Or, there's a chance too that there simply isn't the level of stuff there for whatever reason. Same with Japan, who seems to be (oddly) on the movie boat a little bit. That's why Japan stuff continues to turn up but be really old from like the early 90s still, even though you'd think everything would've been found by now.

Item of the week:
Metal charms keychain. It's not a spectacular or complex item, but boy are these ever long lasting and sturdy collectibles. USA hasn't had a really nice keychain in a long time too, plus it's a new company which is always good news. The "Where" book would have probably been here but I can't judge it without owning it and I don't yet. (Will likely buy it in the future)

GE's sleepy chibi big heads Sonic plush. Why's he drooling?

Next week:
Next week's update DOES have a theme, and it's an unusual one: "All Annoying Items Update". It's surprising, but actually possible to have every single category have something in it that people will find annoying. Some are certainly opinions (funko) but others like the new "Sonic balls" are probably going to be less-so. Prepare for some 'meh'. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

First Update 2020 Sonic Stuff

It's the first blog of 2020!
And, the news is still pretty nice. The Jakks bendy figures are getting decent distribution, and there's a Target near almost everyone so it's fine. Sega Shop is still going along nicely, and big retailers like Old Navy, Target, and even Walmart are getting a variety of Sonic clothing/accessories in them of both classic and modern styles. So, once again it has become a good time to be a fan with variety. May this continue through 2020.

Item of the Week:
Sonic Monopoly 2: The better one. Gotta win it!
This is actually pretty interesting to compare with the old, aluminum pieces one from 2013 or so that they did. This new one really had thought put into it and feels as well as looks fresh. It looks like an actual boardgame that people of TODAY would play/and like. Colorful pieces, boss battles, great graphics on the cards/board it's only like 15.00 or something and you can buy it on Target AND Walmart's stores AND website so no one's going to run out of it. It's good to play, good to the price is right, that's a real 5 star to start the year off.

The close 2nd would be the resin soap shoe figure...
Very cool to see something that rare turn up.

Toy Factory in 2020
This seems like a good prize company to have...the pillows are actually really nice and 'game ball' is a fun thing to have too. Using CG just looks so crisp/nice and the stable of art is huge so nothing feels stale. If they focus on 'chibi' or get their regular plush feet under control they'll be even better.

Feves: Interesting to see the backs.

Next week will see them let out a puzzle, which...ok. However, it is SO TOO BAD these comics are scarce. They seriously don't have the distribution of Archie and I own exactly 0 of them. I've read a FEW But buying anything from them is just such a problem. They invoke the piracy triangle (Affordable/Available\Usable) at every turn.
Usable: Digital editions stink because companies WILL remove these from you after you paid
Affordable: No =Expensive
Available: No = Physical editions just sell out and never refresh

Usually, something'll just break like 2 sides or 1 side of the triangle like that Mandalorian thing on Disney+ , if it's literally the only item you want out of the service you feel the affordability is low/broken, but it's very available and you can likely record it to keep it forever so Usability is still intact as well.
Netflix really had the triangle shored up nicely...but...everything seems determined to splinter it and return piracy to the forefront of 'media foes'.

Their Whisper & Tangle miniseries is actually super well done.
AND this is coming from someone who is a non-sega-character-skeptic right out of the box. Quick to bash book only characters, and dislike non-sega stuff...this miniseries is actually really decent and worth a read. Whisper clearly has PSTD but they never say the word, and Tangle has a phobia but they never say that either because they don't need to. They're neat enough to look at and follow the style of the game characters tidily unlike say SatAM & many of the Archie characters who totally didn't.
I went into it ready to dump on them but the opposite happened. So, another good thing for 2020.

Movie Fretting:
Yes Feb. approaches, and with it the miserable movie.
Things are going SO WELL! We have action figures back on shelves that people enjoy! There's finally merch for everyone again! (Classic and modern fans, plus more characters, lots of books & even chao and stuff that you don't usually get. Socks, pjs, tees, sweatshirts, wallets, watches are all around us!) I don't want another filthy 'boom-ban' but with nasty movie gremlin instead.
But the only thing to do now is to wait and see if Jakks Pacific is forced to make us "Generic White Guy Action Figure" because he co-stars in the movie with Sonic so then we can't ever have like a ...Rouge the Bat or Amy Rose bendable because Generic White Guy is so much better than Espio or a series of cute PVC chao figures amirite.......UGH.
And OF COURSE if anyone tells you "oh but there'll be both...there's no ban", yeah look back on the boom years that banished all modern characters for like......ages. How well that went, it was all lies.
Twitter give-away items shows they're serious about gremlin #notmysonic

Don't like it?  DONT GO SEE IT
The literal ONLY way to vote is with your dollar. Don't like 'oh on a lark...' or 'I see how bad it is', just don't. Hate-watching is still watching.

Next week:
The strangest bootleg since "HarryPotter Obama" will be revealed to you! And it involves neck-hair, so how about that?
Plus, more from Toy Factory.