Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fast Food Now- Shadow Later

This week sees another new page for
This one is International Fast Foods. It needed a dedicated page because of several releases of LCD games that came after the big McDonalds Sonic Adventure Battle bonanza they threw with the large mini-game collection in the USA. There's more to come for it as well, and we still need reviews of the actual game-play.

The USA side has been photo'd already, but I've managed to lose the archive somewhere about the hard drive. Once that gets found, the game photos and reviews will be added. Since Gear actually owns all the games, the page will be great.

Next week, look for a Shadow-centric update. 2 new long sleeve shirts debut at Sears featuring everyone's favorite anti-hero, and enough other merchandise has built up that any Shadow fan will have a fun time on the next update.