Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gear Store: Huge Chore

The Sonic Gear Store didn't get completely updated for Cyber Monday.
The job is just too big! Despite throwing tons of hours at it...not all the sections are updated or fixed. The regular 'gallery stuff' update didn't get to happen either. I had been hoping to finish the store, then move on and add a couple of items at least but it's just too much.

What happens?
As stuff sells out, the buttons in the store turn orange/flashing and just take people to the Amazon home page instead of an item.

Fix it?
Maybe. The broken item has to be searched for, found, and a new button set in place. But, you can't always find the same item, or it's buried under tons of irrelevant stuff and takes forever to find. If something's sold out for good it just never turns up. But there's no way of knowing that ahead of time, you just have to keep searching till finally 'giving up' and destructing that description/button for good.

How did the store get so bad?
Lack of maintenance by me, lots of stuff at small-time sellers who run out of things quickly, accumulation of older items that were bound to sell out anyway and companies getting their modern license taken away to favor Boom. (If they lose a license, they can't replenish anything to anyone) So basically a storm of stuff caused such destruction in the store.

Slowing it down...
Part of the difficulty is caused by the search not working too well. It loads up lists of links with irrelevant junk. Want to find a hat? How about 3 slow-cookers in between your hat results? Also SO MANY BOOTLEGS. Amazon is now just as packed with fake junk as ebay. They seriously don't police it at all. Stupid iron on graphics, phony towels, cheap garbage trick-wallets, nasty fake figures and so much more. Having to sift thru it all vs every single item slows everything down.

What's gone?
Lost a LOT of wallets, and quite a few hats. Modern stuff is faltering in the store to a certain degree. (Clearly, the whole Boom thing) Many wall scrolls too. Only a single DVD was lost to the list.

What's new?
Always, something new that's not yet in the gallery part of the site turns up during such store refreshing searches. So far, a couple new bags, new socks and likely a hat or two. They'll all appear in the upcoming weeks' update.

What's next?
More store. Going to try to finish it off during the week so things can go back to normal. It's more important now with the holidays on the way to make a bootleg-free area for Sonic shopping.