Monday, July 11, 2011

Sonic Haul Weekend

Had a decent haul of items for my own collection over the weekend.
Sonic stuff seems scarce here, and contrary to belief, I don't buy a whole lot, not have a giant collection. I did manage to get glowing Shadow shirt, Sonic candy tin/emerald sours, that new water bottle, the air freshener, and the FYE Sonic/Shadow tee. All these things are good buys with reasonable prices. I was actually surprised at the 7.99 bottle, if HotTopic had had it, it'd be like 14.99 for the same thing.

The weirder the item, the more I seem to like it.
It must be a by-product of running SonicGear, you see so many typical things that you go for the unusual. Like the air freshener, I had to have. It's so odd. Waterbottle was off-beat enough too, though not good for much. If you use it for sport/etc you risk scratching the design. Also the bottle is opaque so you can't tell if it's clean. There are mildew horror stories that would put you off these things forever if you saw it. ESPECIALLY since you can't heat it to clean it, and it requires a bottlebursh, which few people own.

Why choose 'angry Sonic' for the freshener?
You'd be mad too if your head smelled like vanilla.

What smell should the air freshener have?
"Awesome". That way it would be suitable for Sonic.

Really? Vanilla? It's like the most generic smell ever. Make it exciting like cinnamon, outdoor mountain wind, the ocean, cut grass (green hill!), or something. If anyone finds fresheners stinky (a common problem) simply leaving them MIP solves it.

Generations Demo Aside Piece:
Tried this demo the other day. It expired today, BTW. Seems decent. There's a lag time between pushing the button & him jumping. The screen 'chugs' along when you're not walking or flat out flooring it. I will make him run semi-fast, so I can look for secrets or tricks in the level without crawling. This makes it chug along worst.
The badniks making noise & being very animated is fun.
You can see where the 3D will be fun.
He gets good opportunities to go fast
The water is lovely, esp where the ground is wet
Physics better than Sonic 4

In all, I think the demo's a good demo. It was well worth the like 4 hours or something it took to DL. It must have been giant, so now that it's gone hopefully it can erase itself too. Def. looking forward to this game!

There should be a part 2 to the update.
Wanted gear is going to get A TON of stuff. There also should be another blog post talking about it, when it goes up. Likely tomorrow.