Monday, August 10, 2009

America Update 2 (other countries, where are you)

Usually enough of a variety of items come in that 2 updates of the same general theme don't get to show up right after eachother. This time was different though.

Another 'America Update' because that's pretty much all that came in stuff-wise. And where's Japan been in all this? Sure there were some clarifications done on a couple plushes a while back, but what everyone really wants to see are the UNIQUES the stuff that no one knew existed but is cool anyway. I do know that there's plenty more out there, thanks to some photos of things...that the photos can't be used so they're just sitting in storage waiting for someone to come up with a duplicate photo. Another boring snoring bootleg or some awesome item? The choice isn't hard but finding the images is.

The 'big deal' item of the week was the box mock up for the 10 inch Metal Sonic.
That thing is just SO WILD that any news at all, even something as small as an art of the box with some stock art shoved in there as a stand-in will generate buzz. That's how crazy it is. When the thing finally hits, who knows what's going to happen.

Curiosity Point:
DID the JUVI Metal Sonic ever sell out at the TRU exclusive sale? It was certainly predicted to, but I have not yet heard anyone complain about not being able to get one. Did they make enough for everyone or were they less popular than predicted? Everyone prefers to think the former, and really I never found anyone who didn't actually want this one, so I'd think it'd be just fine. Hopefully Jazwares has recieved once again the encouragement it needs.

The other updated thing of note was Metal Force got all the turn-arounds for the figures this week. It was a big job, but really, it needed doing. As you recall, Metal Force was the repaint edition of the nonsensical Space Fighters line, only this time without the odd helmets. If I had to choose, really I'd pick MF because if you're going to have space armor that never appeared in any continuity ever and never really made much sense in the first place...well it might as well be metallic.

Next Week:
Maybe a midweek shot with the long awaited new area. SonicGear has something like 943 pages. Did you know that? There's a website out there that will count the pages of a site. Hopefully it'll get another one soon. Items aren't showing any one trend or another, so it could be another 'random' update.