Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sonic Movie is UGLY and STUPID #NotMySonic

Snap judgement alert: I hate it!
Yeah we're going into the Opinion Zone instantly. And creating a hashtag #NotMySonic , and then using a meme-speak "Thanks. I Hate It". What should you do when you get mad? Why...go on the internet and yell. So let's!

How it started:
When everybody thought they were just going to paste Modern Sonic into "IRL" and have people act dumb to some CGI green-suit guy everyone was like "Meh this is going to suck--but I won't judge right away because what if Detective Pikachu is actually good, & Roger Rabbit was good so was Space Jam". Then when they announced Jim Carey as Eggman, everyone was like "meh this is going to suck hilariously".

But now, no one imagined the suck was going to crank up to level A ZILLION with a stupid, horrible, scary, ugly, felty lawn gnome Sonic. They tried to "Make Him Real" but instead they're just ruining like...everything about the movie even worse than anyone imagined.

WHO is this supposed to appeal to?
Sure not Sonic fans.
So babies then? "New fans on board"?
That didn't work for Boom years ago and it's sure not here...creepy, crappy CG is a recipe for disaster, especially when the character doesn't look in any way 'cannon'. It's going to alienate fans, the only people who would have "Gone to see it no matter what"*. The fandom too, is pretty much 100% united in hating the poster/design reveal. Which...of course?

Why is it stupid?
1. It isn't Sonic. (And not how you think)
It GETS RID OF Sonic's world. IRL isn't Sonic's world. Sonic's world is interesting, full of Chaos Emeralds, rings, adventure, beautiful landscapes & where anything's possible and fun. There's a reason Sonic games are fun for fans.  It gets rid of his cool look & design. It's stupid to get rid of Sonic in a Sonic movie.

2. Nobody was paying attention.
If you're spending money, it's stupid to not pay attention. What's done well in the past? What's been panned? How are video game movies usually received? What do they do right and wrong? It's clear nobody looked at anything before this damn lawn gnome got made.

*Sonic fans are relatively unstoppable. 
They are, especially if you look at history. There's been enough blah, outright-bad, stupid, and poor decisions done with him/franchise over YEARS that would have sunk any ordinary character 100 times over. Look how long the Archie Sonic book went on, heck, the Knuckles one with Penders & his bizarre echidna fantasy and million Knuckles 'clone chars' and weird nazi dingoes or whatever he had going on. That stuff was BONKERS for YEARS. Yet it SOLD to fans enough for Archie to just keep the wacky-train running, bad art and all. (Why? Because it was Sonic. No other reason)  Just look up "Sonic Live", or how Charmy's friend Mello the Bee dies of a drug overdose.
Sonic fans are tried, true & blue. They stick by Sonic 'no matter what' & keep him going even if the Sonic handlers do nothing but screw up 24/7 with bad games and irrelevant shows like Underground. If you want loyalty, look for a Sonic Fan.

Changing Sonic is almost NEVER a good idea.
Boom proved it when it appeared. It's like the Nike 'swoosh', it's like the Mercedes Benz symbol, good design doesn't need a million tacked on trinkets. It's like the extra Boom spikes made him look messy and the bandanna did literally nothing for the character. The sports tape was just bizarre. They were 'changing the characters to be changing them', and no other reason.
It wasn't well received & did nothing for the brand. Look at modern vs classic Sonic: Not a whole lot really changed because it didn't NEED to. Same spikes, same colors, with 1 green addition (eye). That's why Modern worked so well, it's still clearly Sonic. You can also watch how they "toned down" the "Xtreeeme" of Modern Sonic from when he first appeared. Like the bizarre posing, strange 'grin' (BDG=big dumb grin) with bent teeth and all that got 'toned away' for the more natural look he has now. There's a reason, and it's popularity.

*Boom the show wasn't bad. In fact, it could be really super funny. It was nicely animated, had some great jokes, and put a 'new spin' on some things that was ok (Eggman being pretty funny, Orbot/Cubot, some Amy developments) A lot of people (me included) didn't like "stupid Knuckles" because it's such a cliche, but he didn't kill the show either.

What can we do though?
Well, as fans...I don't know? Yell how much you don't like it, I guess. As a Sonic fan I wonder 'what did I do wrong', that this thing gets made? After all my effort into SonicGear, people liking SONIC....and they just...throw him out and paste up this filthy monster?