Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sonic Electronics

Well, finally got the electronics page up. is the latest page for Gear. I'd been meaning to do this for a while because battery operated gizmos had too big a chunk in 'random items' to stay there. It's best put on its own page. However, there are not as many electronic items as I'd first thought, as some are in housewares and others are in japan. These DONT include LCD games, though, which are on their own page.

Sonic Gear has been helped out a lot lately, by the fans. This is great news! 3 new friendly fans who have seen the site have offered info and pictures of their collections. This is really useful and helpful. The items though, don't tend to go up all at once because as you notice, the updates of Sonic Gear are themed. And no one collects just one theme of items (usually) so they get scattered about over a series of updates.

The fan comments and help pix are really great to see, because has been frusterating as of late. Search engines have STILL not found it. Nearly no one in America knows about it, and google REFUSES to find it and activate the search bar. It has been so long, it feels like it'll never happen sometimes, which is really sad. All I want is for tons of Sonic the Hedgehog fans to enjoy the site, but nothing's cooperating! It is disheartening to feel like every update is seen by no one and I am the only thing to read the words I type.