Sunday, September 10, 2006

A False Alarm?

Things had been going along pretty ho-hum, when had a false alarm!

But this was a good kind. On Sept. 3, the numbers for Gear went way up! I thought that at last, maybe a search engine had found the site, and it was finally hitting the bigtime. That would mean search bar activation, tons more fans getting to see cool stuff, and even MORE cool stuff for everyone to see due to fan submissions of photos, and the aquisition of actual items for full surround shots and in-depth reviews that come from owning an item.

But unfortunatly, it looks like that was just a fluke. Everything went right back down to not much and no one new has written the site. How mysterious, isn't it? What could cause the biggest day Sonic Gear has ever had, and then have it totally vanish again? And what about search engines? They don't just find you and then UNfind you...this is bougs.

Also: TRU is still managing to ignore the Metal Fighters Sonic the Hedgehog figures, so Gear can't review them. Blah. These figures are a nuisance because they're repaints so they're not THAT exciting, which makes it even more annoying that they're such a pain to get.

A rather simple update this week.
Just some Australia items and some fan stuff. Why? Other projects going on are hogging up the time for more elaborate updates. It's not that there's a lack of stuff, but rather the lack of time to post it up. Also trying to determine if updates increase or decrease the number of clicks Gear gets...