Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sonic Figure Surprise!

Unexpected items this week!
NO ONE knew, NO ONE predicted...but Jazwares just released a Super Poser Sonic in the same clear blue stuff as the 3in clear blue Sonic. Yes, clearly they're cashing in by making people buy the figure over and over again by simply changing it's color. It's a little above-grade though because the material actually changed, and he may infact, be neat looking in that blue stuff because it'll hide his somewhat sub-par head sculpt and no one will need to worry about the paint job. The odd bit is: no one saw this coming until it showed up on Ebay.

And yes, they HAVE re-boxed their figures again.
The Super Posers have a (likely better) more compact package with clear labeling. This is great because online stores would often screw up the photos for their figures messing up the fans. It also let unscrupulous sellers get away with shenannagins by showing a photo of one thing then sending you another because they looked too similar.

Cashing in but fixing up?
While it's not the best that JW is so eager to turn out yet ANOTHER Sonic in the same somewhat flawed Super Poser mould, it IS a great sign that they're clearly willing to FIX the stuff that they actually did. Fall-apart-Tails 3.75 inch has started re-stocking around the USA in TRU, and he's fixed. The tails are corrected and the straps are painted in. For everyone who got the old one and de-boxed this may be worth a re-buy. Plus he's so cheap its not like re-buying would break anyone's piggy bank.

As a company on the whole, the fact that they'd fix their item on a restock is a super sign. It means they really care and can take care of it fast. Unlike the horrid goat-eyed toy island SP's who lingered for months on end frightening children out of toy stores.

Item of the week:
HAS to be Retro Amy plush. That thing is fantastic. Depending how the back looks it could be the best USA plush. The face is spot on, the detail of all the clothes are there, right down to her real shoe laces. It's really odd that an Amy, of all things would be one to be soooo good as this. I'm seriously impressed here and want to own it. Hopefully GE can get a hold of more Sonic work to do, if they're really putting forth this much effort now.

Do not try to buy Sonic keychains from ToyCup. They tried to charge 11 dollars to send 3 keychains via USPS ground mail. It is a lie and an utter theft to do this. They will not see a dime from me with this terrible policy that fleeces the fans.

Next week:
Probably some vintage items, hopefully some Non-USA stuff. It's been 'fan' and 'usa' for like....ever worth of updates. Variety counts in more than 1 country! Also the store may see an update as well, as more merchandise has been appearing.