Monday, January 20, 2014

2014's 1st Update

The first update for this year was a while in coming out...
Mostly due to technical difficulties. Some dumb thing or another would go wrong with the site each week & prevent the update from coming out. Whether its a program crash or "suddenly, the pc restarts!", if the update didn't get done the night it was supposed to, it didn't come out that week.

This week featured 2 updates to try and make up for it.
The mail for the new year was a mix of new things & stuff that was turned down for already being on the site.

Item of the week:
Has to be 'micro Espio' plush 'keychain'. Why? It's wacky & small for starters, then, because it's a really strong indication that there was a whole Chaotix set of these things done which in turn means: Mighty Merchandise. (The Armadillo, of course, since he's so rare now)

Item of previous update:
Has to be those wacky an~o viejos. They're so fan & not-fan at the same time. People with only a vague idea of what "Sonic" is, out to make a buck by constructing the cheapest possible figures for others to set fire to. The wide range of really odd designs for Sonic, as well as the "wheres waldo" type background of loads of other strange figures just makes it fascinating. Plus, that life-size (or possibly a bit larger) positively demonic looking Majin Buu is really something. Not even kid buu or fat buu, just evil buu with some kind of "witchcraft" symbols added.

What didn't happen in 2013?
I was going over the "headline news" section and realized there was an over looked and over expired headline! It was removed this week for being an error at this point. What was it?

"Jazwares will release Super Posers Silver in August 2013"
Yeaaathat didnt happen. Meh.

At this point, it's January so we're still in the predicted time for the SBK new figures, and Rouge is still a 'who knows'. She never had a set time but the SBK's kind of did. We'll see if they miss this deadline too.

The bigger question is "why"?
JW was super figure-happy for quite some time. Now, people are reporting Toys R Us *still the place that pretty much had all the Sonic stuff at retail) is slimming down the Sonic section as there is less of a selection and it's kind of crummier too if you want FIGURES only. What's being reported on now?

Roleplay Masks & Ring
JW nasty looking plushes
The Blaze 2 Pack
Little Bigheads classic figures
HORRIBLE that it's still around stupid "Aiai monkey banana garbage" leftover from the FIRST Allstars racers that nobody will ever buy (how many years ago is that now?)
The bad quality mini figure multi pack re purposed by JW from F4F but with all the paint errors
Re-packaged super poser regular Sonic
If you're lucky a SBK figure or that mis-colored SBK 'purple-ish' Shadow

If you are a figure collector you probably had all that stuff ages ago when it first came out, and aren't interested in the rest of it. So you can't blame TRU for slimming the selection, but it's up to JW to get more actual figure goodies onto shelves.

Next week:
Probably more Sonic music, some shirts have been spotted.