Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update: Not thwarted

Well Golive couldn't stop this update...
Just delay it. The page 'prototypes 3' is fast becoming a huge problem. Whether it's ruining the photos, putting text all over everything, or just making the page show up as all-white, golive is determined to destroy the page. It crashed on it, even, to stop work.

It's still not properly fixed.
I'm just hoping a solution appears, because it could do that to any new page that's ever made. However, the update must go on, and so it does. It has also put in the 'bad code' to almost every page updated this time, slowing everything down and necesitating multiple uploads just to get everything to behave properly.

It's back to some variety, though!
Jazwares couldn't dominate this update, so there's a batch of categories to see, including a fan favorite: classic clothing. Real classics buffs will want to know that 2 shirts made the jump from the USA to the UK...where they belong. (thanks to added info) Really though, the 'multi slogans' one makes more sense on the UK...for some reason those shirts DID have a big habit of scrawling phrases all over everything, even if they didn't make a whole lot of sense.

All-Stars racing is really getting a heap of attention, with not only JW figures on 2 lines, but also the RC cars and now a race-track set. How well is any of it doing with so much of 'the same' 2 cars released? How well is the market (in general) responding to the flood of new Sonic Electronics? Remember, the camera, walkie-talkies, 2 race sets, mp 3 player, CD/radio thing etc. are all out NOW in fall of 2010. CAN fans buy all they want of this simultaneous release-stuff? (it'd sure be an expensive prospect)

Nothing overly-remarkable discovered this week, bootlegs are pretty standard about this time of year. The question remains why won't Sega cobble together some sort of official Sonic costume? These things are clearly in-demand as much as bed-sets are, they're sitting on a gold-mine but won't get up off their butts and let the fans have waht they want.

Next week:
More variety, hopefully, and getting further back into the old mail. Turn arounds HAVE been sent for SuperPoser Tails, so that's guarenteed to go on. STILL looking for that fabled "Super Sonic Shirt" that's over on 'wanted gear'...the only surprising thing is that it hasn't turned up yet...you'd think it'd headline for how many people claimed to want such an item.