Monday, October 19, 2009

Update: 1st Half

Well the update is in 2 parts again.
Why? I actually got to play a Sonic game. (yes yes some miracle or something occurred and I got the time) However, there were more items than expected/more photos so the next update should be tomorrow/today. Hopefully it'll get all the week's mail put through and back to normal.

Item of the week:
Air hockey table. A stylish table that's not kiddy or gaudy. Very nice, very Sonic. It's great to see stuff like this still getting made for arcades around the world.

Darn of the week:
The Juvis! Gah, so ugly! Their prototype photos were better, until someone decided that putting their faces on the bottoms of their heads was a good idea. COULD Knuckles' eyes be any taller? And why are some of the figures self-shaded and others not? It just makes them look stripy. I wouldn't be too surprised if these guys didn't sell very well. They're expensive for not a whole lot of articulation or coolness and when you get them in-person they are WIERD. Unlike the MS Juvi all the rest are really just...odd.

But they're not as expensive as...
The EIGHT DOLLAR mini PVCs. They look like, feel like and are sculpted like gashapon items that come out of the dollar/coin turn machines. Who is going to shell out for that? I understand that not everyone could get their own vintage Sonic PVC because well...they're from the 90s and that's driven the price up...but that's because those are OLD and you can't get year/stamp ones like that now. I mean yeah they're classic and everybody (STK) is just standing there but...geez a 2 inch figure with no bonuses that doesn't move for a single dollar less than a Juvi?? I mean the Jazwares 3.75 line has EVERYthing above these guys...I have no idea what is thinking.

The 2nd fake Sonic fishing game. When I got that photo in, I had to go check the site to make sure it wasn't the same one. I thought "Well, there can't be 2" yet...there are! The other oddity is Tombo (Japan Pencil co.) mixing their pencil packaging of new vs classic.

The 2nd half should have the MS 10in hands on, some old stuff, some Japan stuff. It looks like the variety is back to stay!