Monday, December 02, 2013

Costly Items Update

This week's update sees several expensive things added to the site.
Also, it's a pretty big update since the last one was missed. Should probably be another one this week too, to try and avoid object pile up. Time is scarce during the holiday season though. (But it's an important season to stay on top of everything! What if someone wants something Sonic for the holidays?)

Item of the week:
Has to be the diorama. The fact that it's the first in a whole line of them is pretty exciting. It's expensive at about 300 bucks, but since it's big, it's like getting 2 figures at once. What other scenarios and characters will they choose? Will the diorama always have 2 characters, or could just 1 appear with a big, detailed background? It's exciting stuff for sure.

Nitpick type thing:
The BDG. (Big Dumb Grin) I'm in the camp of 'cant stand it' people, but I don't believe it creates the 100% downfall of "modern Sonic" as some people say. After all, he doesn't HAVE to be portrayed with it. It's sad that they chose it for his expression on the diorama though. His teeth are literally bent. It just does not look good. There's a reason they phased out that SA1 weird bendy maniacal looking bent up Sonic. People say he had trouble transitioning to 3D, well, ACTUAL 3 dimensional objects like sculptures and things are another degree all together. No, not all of the stock art poses would look good if translated into a 3D print out or whatever. Some stuff that looks cool in 2D should stay there. 3D of any sort takes extra work and has the ability to expose otherwise un-noticible or outlandish style flaws.

Don't turn the diorama in the direction where you see his mouth. Problem solved.

The other costly things are Cospa things.
Seriously, a tie that's about 50 bucks and a 60+ dollar tee shirt. Who do they think is going to buy these things? Sure the diorama is expensive, but it's not going to wear out, either. You'll have it forever with little to no preservation efforts. (Shirts & cloth goods can get fading/mold/powdery mildew/rust etc etc with and without preservation methods) If it was like a super dress shirt made of fine materials, it'd be different, but it looks like a tee. The tie though, really IS super creative fun AND stylish. Gotta hand it to their designer, that's a slick thing to do & the hidden art just adds to the fun.

Cospa dangle charms
These things are adorable. Why don't they show a photo of the real thing? It makes people call into question if & how it is going to get made.

Next week/next update:
Going to see if I can get a 2nd update this week. Even with how many shirts there were this week, there's still more to post to get all the new stuff out. Plus, that doesn't count older things that also need to go on still.