Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sonic Gear gets a favorite page...

This week, got a new page.
Sculptures. These are the big fiberglass/resin things that mysteriously appear at conventions (Like E3 or toy shows) that are generally life-size. Other notable items of this sort are the various Lara Crofts and Master Chiefs you'll see every now and then. Of course...on Gear, they're all Sonic related.

This is one of my favorite catagories of stuff, on a personal note. "Life Size" Sonic stuff has always really appealed to me. It's like having the character right there! Plus, the statues have an advantage over plushes or 2D mediums. Plushes CAN be cool at large sizes, but they won't stand up on their own, and they usually have little flaws with them. These statues though, they can nail every detail and include every curve because it ISNT full of stuffing and it's not going to flop all over or require crazy patterns to sew.

A lot of the statues on that page are really awesome looking too. Whoever Sega found to do them really minded the in-game models and got the job done totally right. The statues look fantastic and life-like.
Of course, there's the requisite 'junky' statues too. Bad art based on mutated models. Un-careful design and no attention to detail. Fortunately though for the fans, this junky non-effort stuff seems to all be a relic of the past. As Sonic has moved on, the quality has moved up.

The only downside to the awesome statues is...
You can't buy them. Yes, they'd be extremely high-end goods, but I would imagine there's some fans out there willing to pay to get them into their homes or collections. (Really, who WOULDNT want one?)

The rest of the update was sort of a 'mail bag' in that it had a scattering of items like the German Sonic Coke hat and a SegaWorld Japan photo, among some information and credits that were also added in. Project: Take out the Mail! is working along nicely. 58 to go!