Sunday, March 25, 2007

Plush Time Update

I try to usually mix up the updates so that there aren't weeks where it's the same 'theme' close together.

That's why this week is unusual. Another plush update was pretty close, but here goes another. There are exeptions to every rule, and this Giant Amy Rose Plush sure fits the bill! I figure she's exciting enough to keep everyone entertained with more dolls. I mean, this is a first, a plush that's nearly 5 ft high! When the contributor, Link said he'd be getting photos I couldn't wait to see it, and it's as giant as I'd thought.

People love looking at/buying giant plush, so its even better news that the whole crew is giant too! I hope to have photos soon, that'll be really spectacular to have for the site. They're at Gameworks if you need one for yourself! Unfortunatly, I won't be able to collect these yet.

I also had a hoard of other plush photos hanging around, so to help highlight Giant Amy, why not just do an all-plush update to top out the photos. Japan got better shots of those 'pale' plushes that are ever-strange and expensive. Also solved the long-standing issue of Sonic Underground Denny's Knuckles.

Another influence was places like ToyCup and Estarland having new dolls by a DIFFERENT company than ToyNetwork. An awful lot of ToyNetworks' plushes were mutant or really badly/cheaply done. Some were disgraceful to Sonic. It's great that some new company (who seems to be doing better) is here to either put them out, or act as competition to force up quality---or at the very least, give fans something NICE LOOKING to buy instead of putting up with trashy dolls.

Japan plush has once again 'showed up' USA though, with their recent additions. Even the "Sonic X" one that looks like it's a mish-mash of old and new patterns is cute. The "Awesome Shoe" Sonic though, is by far their best recent offering. Be sure to see it on Sonic Japan Plushes 4.

As for next week: Clothing to be sure!
Tons of clothes are piling up, and new ones are going on sale, so it's going to be a shirt crazy update in both vintage and new.