Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 - Mega Bot Mystery

The first post of 2015 kicks things off to an exciting start!
There's more items in the mail (didn't have to reach for old items to complete an update) and more new things, not just old discoveries. So, that's a good sign all by itself. There was also a 'first of its kind' item, which is uncommon as well, but always nice to see. A new page was added as well.

First, there's the Mega Bot Mystery.
The toy actually looks cool cast in that glittery plastic, and being red/gold. It is extra mysterious because how did no one EVER see this until now, in 2015? How did it stay a secret if it was sold on toy store shelves? There are other questions too like

why did this not show up until 2015?
were other parts also cast in red?
were other characters also made in glitter plastic?
what was Toy Island thinking when they did it?
is there more than 1?

99.99% sure this is not fake
0% sure how or why this exists

I bet it is real because it's in the identical packaging, it's difficult to cast something exactly the same, but in glitter've seen those gacha figure fakes, there's always something wiggly or stupid looking with them to give it away. This thing is too good.

Item of the week:
Sonic Dress - This is a first of its kind item, so naturally it is the item of the week. There are very few "its made just for girls!" Sonic things. There have been a few 'ladies cut' tees in the USA, Australia got a couple of little toddler type girls things (mini jumper, etc) but that's about it.
Nobody really knows. The polled fandom of Sonic polls to about 45% girls, so it's nearly an even split. Is it the perpetuation of that stupid "girls dont like video games" LIES that gets spread around? *To see even more how it's lies, look at old video game console ads: video games were originally marketed to whole families. They weren't ever to be 'for babies' or 'for teens' or 'for boys', they were supposed to get the fam together for fun. Whatever happened to that old ideal? The Wii tried & succeeded some to restore it.

Of course girls would want girl-items with Sonic.
If they made a Sonic hair bow, or a girls panty, or a girls shoe, or a purse or something, it would get bought. For some reason though, companies don't try. That's especially why it's nice to see the dress. It helps that the dress is well made and has an interesting theme.

Toy Island School stuff-
There's more where that came from, next week.

Japan stuff-
It seems like Japan always releases a couple of little things around the new year. Why? Who knows, but it's nice to see some new art.

Next week:
More school stuff, Japan keychains, anything else that shows up & maybe an old mail or 2.