Monday, February 16, 2015

Toyfair is on but...where's the news?

Toyfair is still going on, as of monday the 16th.
It's to run through tuesday of this week, after going on since friday or saturday. Sonic fans are hoping to see new toys (of course) but will they appear? You didn't see anything about it on SonicGear because I didn't receive anything this week.

One thing was found, a Knuckles from the Boom line. Do you know what he needed?
So that's what the figure is. A Boom figure with more bandages. But I don't know if it was this toyfair here today, or that one in Germany a while ago. I didn't want to mis-report it so it didn't go up. I'm hoping at least something appears once the show is wrapped up and all photos get online or photographers submit them into the site.

Item of...last week:
Chaotix plushes confirmation. SO MANY people want these. GE finally says they'll deliver, then proves they can do a good job with their other current dolls. Outlook: neat.

Substitute Item:
Wink face ceramic UK mug. Yeah, the site is down to 1 left as of yesterday. These are clearly being snapped up by everyone. Is it because the only other face shaped mug is absurdly rare & expensive? If you can't have one, might as well have the other.

Item of the week:
First 4 Figures Tornado diorama/vehicle statue.
Every time they do something, it's item of the week time. It can't be helped because their items are always so cool. It is also SO SO SO time that fans got an actual Tornado the airplane. Why do the toy lines neglect any vehicle except maybe Boom now? Sure there was allstars,'s not like toy airplanes aren't fun. Kids have been proving for years they love planes of all types, so why not the Tornado?

Of course, it has 2 figures too, Tails to fly it & Sonic on the wing. It's also really big, the plane can be tilted/posed, and naturally it lights up, because everyone loves such a feature. You know how good they are with their photography too, meaning that the Tails figure must be super hard to photo, given how few shots/angles it had. But, seeing it in person is different, and the Tails figure is clearly great, just that how the plane actually is, prevents cameras from getting in there to see it.
Prediction: It's a hit!

Truffle Shuffle:
"Collectors edition" stress ball? Really?
Still, a new crop from this site and  , is always a welcome addition.

Next week:
Hopefully Toyfair fun stuff, hopefully not all Boom related so that all fans can get something to look forward to out of the showing.