Monday, July 23, 2007

Sonic Clothing & Accessories

Another themed update.
This one was all clothes and accessories for Sonic. The clothing bin had filled up again, so it was time for a scattering of items. This update was good and solid with a nice selection in both vintage and new, as well as some accessories.

The surprise here was ANOTHER pair of mittens. I mean...mittens. You don't really think of cheapo-yarn weave kiddie mittens being in that much demand that there would be more than 1 style to choose from. But Sonic never fails to surprise!

TopHeavy's trend of little kid / big kid semi-matching shirt designs is a nice one. It means no one is left out on designs they may want, if they keep it up. Many fans had wanted the "Everybody loves a bad boy" Sonic shirt, but it was only in the micro-size. Plus, I'd imagine you'd get little kids seeing the Sonic shirts on everyone else and going 'why can't I have that too', so this will solve it all.

Also coming up is a rare mid-week update. will update probably on Wed. to highlight a super fan made item: a Sonic theme CAR! Wow, it's from Germany and you've gotta check it out! I didn't want it getting lost in the shuffle of clothes on the usual update, so it's getting singled out.

Along with the car will come non-tagged corrections from all around the site. Thanks to an especially helpful and knowledgeable fan, items are falling into their proper place all around the web site. The moves/corrections are numerous, but nothing's getting deleted and if you miss something, it can still easily be found by the Google Search tool on the home page. This should help organize things, and more are likely in the future.

The next update MAY see the opening of the music section, but everything else will have to fall into place well, for such a giant update to occur.