Sunday, December 07, 2008

Gear getting caught up?

It's possible!
Without a flood of mail this week, the update went up pretty well, and managed to clear the mail down to 60 (from 77..) So things still aren't great, but they are better. And, as promised last time, the new fun page will go up this week, but in the middle of the week as a surprise update.

It was too important to get the stuff out this week (a press release, an ebay scammer) because they were time-sensative. But, it still got the mail down, thus paving the way for a more creative update to appear and not just a scramble to try and get out from under the mail bag.

This week's theme starts the holiday spirit, with "Naughty Vs Nice". Nice had to try really hard though to get as much stuff because bootlegs and mutants abound! Ebay is stuffed with nasty Sonic fakery, including a toy seller (of Fake ReSaurus figures) who not only makes fake figs, but ships broken and shoddy toys with small parts. Then, to top it off, apparently they're rude in their feedback AND acknowledge that what they're doing is wrong. How are they still allowed to list? It is a mystery.

Mutants are climbing around in the Calander of Crud as well, with 3 new additions, including a new holiday to horrify: Mother's day. Though Easter Shadow is rather nasty, it's Valentines Tails who takes the cake. He's inexplicably dressed in farmer over-alls with a micro beanie hat! It's hilarious and horrible all at once. Really, I have ZERO clue who is designing these things (if it can be called that) they just keep getting more and more absurd. How is overalls valentines? It just makes no sense! Argh!

The good contained some plushes, a fan item (egg mii!) and the ReRelease on Super Poser Shadow. Nothing highly remarkable there, but the update does need balance or everyone will go getting depressed with those awful offerings.

Next week is looking good, likely to be still more modern shirts, with Japanese stuff thrown in and pretty much a mixed bag after that. Yes, the update should be pretty big, but it'll really tackle the mail at the same time. Things are looking up!