Monday, September 17, 2018

Sonic Shirt Alert! Burlington Coat Factory Deals!

It's a Shirt Alert!
Got a Burlington Coat Factory near you?

Get over there right away for a super deal on LOADS of Sonic tees! And cool ones, at that! With at LEAST 5 ALL NEW designs, what could be better? How about if they were in adult sizes so they'll fit anyone AND...better still at ONLY 7 dollars each? It seems too incredible to be true, but it is & the photos are coming to Gear next week. (Because I bought them all, of course)

How to get them:
Go into your Burlington store & go to the adults regular sizes mens rack.
Start paging through the shirts until you get to 'spatter print' (you can see this from the exterior without having to page though) fabric. Then start paging (other brands use this too, not just the Sonic ones) when you see Sonic, start grabbing!

The designs are all modern, and all pretty different from previous stuff. Yes, there ARE multi-character prints, and it looks like somebody actually got a designer back on staff because there's some 'graffiti fun' style tees too.

But you're going to have to apply the elbow-grease of finding them yourself. Burlington is a gigantic store packed with racks & no real good online presence. You can't call ahead either because of it's "everything's all around" nature. But it's x-tremely worth while to go because of the good deal and loads of designs. There's multiples of each shirt too, so probably someone's not just going to get in there and clean them out.
What's odd?
There's no paper tag, and there's no 'who made this' on any of its labels. There's CLEARLY a new company in town--and they're doing a good job, but who is it?

Movie Fears:
There's reason to fear the Sonic movie (Live action = stupid in the case of most cartoons with the exception being Roger Rabbit & to a degree Space Jam if you are not viewing it through rose colored history nostalgia glasses and are not currently under 12 years old) also LA+CG is very dicey because it can easily look super fake and age poorly. but recently MORE fears are developing & as a 'Sonic items' area should be discussed.

Will the movie KILL SONIC?
No, not 'will he die in the movie like Prime in the TFs original', but will the movie "Stink so bad it kills the brand". This is being debated & brought up in the fandom so....well I don't know. It's not even an opinion zone because honestly IDK. The main argument against it is "Sonic 06 was terrible cringe* & didn't kill it so no, it can't", but then...that thing was isolated to consoles & everybody thought it would be great up until they tried to play it. Then, the gameplay was rotten/impossible/load time terrors so it stopped people getting far enough to see the "yucky" romance with the realistic CG princess human girl. 

The straw of suckyness that breaks the hedgehog's back:
Just how much dumb poo* can be lumped onto Sonic before he implodes and Sega disavows him? No one knows the answer but anti-movie people think this could be it. That is the issue at hand.

What if the movie is good?
Lots are (of course, wisely) reserving judgement until the movie appears. Of course, there is a slim chance that it is legitimately good. Because anything is possible.

Why is the chance slim?
Live action+toon has a bad history+Sonic's design doesn't work well IRL, especially+Because some image of a 'green screen suit' guy (where they overlay a CG onto the actor later to erase him like Gollum in LOTR) driving an SUV has appeared online where the CG is going to be Sonic. So's he going to drive a car...........physically? Like does he FIT IN THERE? If you make him big enough to reach the pedals his enormous head is going to have serious issues fitting in the seat with his spikes. If you make him tiny his legs won't be long enough and either way is going to be incredibly obvious it won't work. Ok so maybe green guy isn't to be Sonic but something else like an Eggman robot--but why would it get in a car...etc.... Ok, but early protest/weirdness like this doesn't smell good.

**These are widely-held opinions. I don't control people saying "Boom games were dumb/bad and boom Sonic is ugly/stupid" also "06 is cringe & unplayable" they are WIDELY HELD opinions and they matter because for something to succeed, lots of people have to not think it stinks.

Item of the Week:
The really large Sonic statue. (Naturally) Personal aside: I always think of Sonic, were he to appear among humans or in this physical realm, would be 'person size', as in 5+ feet high. I never imagined him as this little 3 foot high goblin gnome size thing. He already doesn't resemble anything to a hedgehog, so make him people sized. Thus, the big statue is cooler to me. Also, it's really well made, looks genuinely just like modern Sonic, and seems sturdy. It's a shining example of how far statues have come. It looks like something from the games, not just 'some artists' interpretation'. I do wonder if it was created off of a polygon model of him like lots of the toys are.

Next week: Burlington Tee Party!