Friday, October 28, 2005

Hurricane Hits Sonic Gear

Where did all the updates go?
The hurricane hit! Hurricane Wilma has hit Sonic Gear HQ. But don't worry, none of the gear was destroyed. All it did was basically shut off the power since very early monday morning. This update is coming to you ASAP. Power was restored about 6 hours ago.

With all the lights off for so long, there wasn't much to do but sit around and draw some new Widget Sonics. There's more than you see sprinkled around the site at the moment, but those are in reserve for pages that aren't yet made. The next things to come will be the Sonic X book scans. The books were aquired, but with no power, there's no scanner to bring you the latest images.

Also coming up are more essays, and hopefully a big hit of new pages and new items for the current pages. The "Old Images Archive" is just about cleaned out, which means a flood of new merchandise for you to look at! (Because the 'new' archives will now be gathered and used)

In unrelated news:
The building across the way is looking warzone/ghetto. Whole 6th floor lost the balcony and there are items/blinds/curtains/rugs hanging off. Fabulous because they're all in Canada and don't have a clue. This hurricane has pulled every leaf off of regular trees and left no palm unbent. Power is still being restored to most of the rest of the area. Sonic gear (and you!) are lucky with the power as early as this (ugh a week) and able to view the updates.
Another unrleated bit comes in with PSO: The Next Level. A whole 'nother comic has been produced and must be scanned in. It may appear by the end of the weekend.