Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On Time With Old Stuff & Free Riders News

Another on time update for the week...
This one getting into older mails and older items. You can spot this right away by the "Sonic Boxes" over on JP Misc. Goods that...I don't even know what they are. Stuff like that always goes to the bottom of the list of 'to be added' so it's good to catch a break and throw it on there. Maybe someone will even know what they are.

Item of the week:
Blaze the Cat prototype figure from Jazwares. As is the usual for them, she looks great. Seems proportional, looks like will stand up in the heel boots, good articulation, the head seems very game-like. If they can get the paint job to do well with most figures, then she'll be a hit I'm sure.

"Where Rouge The Bat"?
I've done like...a ZILLION posts on this / complaining / internet theories /generally irritability so not going to rehash it here because the issue remains the same: A Mystery! Rouge has been around longer, and is actually from the home-reality of the rest of the cast. She should have been made first. There are tons of Rouge fans. That still doesn't counteract whatever Jazwares has wrong with her that they're not making her. Rumors are still flying around (they can't get her to stand because shoes, etc etc)

Can't wait to see the finished Blaze though...
Word out is that she's going to be in a comic 2 Pack (cue the "UGH GIRLS CURSE voodoo blah-blah") but one can still hope she's single card too.

Free Riders Strange News from Toys R Us
Looking for Free Riders like Wave, Storm, or Knuckles? Remember how TRU was like...the only regular retail store that had them? Well "Too Bad For you" on lots of states. Apparently there is such a thing called

"Put A hold"
For toys. If some store or area of stores doesn't sell 1 thing very well, then a company can Put A Hold on future items because they are fretting about how well they may or may not do. Did YOUR store not sell very many of those annoying AiAi & Amigo monkeys from the racers? Did it do poorly with their ugly, disfigured dolls like the werehog? Well then..."No Free Riders For you!" and "We hope you enjoy paying double for the already-expensive figures online!"

On the surface, the "Put A Hold" SEEMS reasonable.
Tropical Beach Barbie not doing so well in the tropics where she's boring? Makes sense to hold off on the ol' Tiki Playset or whatever till you can determine a good plan. But here it seems to be punishing everyone for not liking lame items or unrelated stuff. NO the monkies were never going to sell well, they're too non-Sonic. Yes they were in the game, but...they weren't part of the main Sonic cast. It's like the hold is misjudging the fans.

Yes this is real, it turns out pretty much my whole state is hit by it.
And really, I don't see how any of their main stuff did bad ANYwhere. People always have trouble getting figures, especially at the start due to stuff selling out. The only things that fans report hanging around on shelves are those odd digital cameras, the earphones & buds plus the radios. Are they smiting people because their strange electronics aren't selling? Who knows...but it's annoying.

Probably a store update will appear this week too...Archie has really piled on the books/trades & etc so that section needs to be maintained.

It's coming up on June!
And you know what that means...Sonic Birthday Month! There will indeed be the traditional celebration this year as well.