Monday, April 11, 2011

Elusive Item Update

This update is an interesting one. It has photos of 2 items which had eluded cameras/documentation for many years on end. The first being the Toy Island school supplies. Sure these have been KNOWN about since SonicGear itself opened. (I had the gel pen set, which advertised it) but no one had actually ever managed to get a photo of the things until now. It leaves 3 pencil sharpeners yet to be found, but at least now there's 1, and a good photo of the rest. The second is the nice big write up on the Milton Bradley Sonic 1 Board Game. Odd, isn't it that they'd do a board game of a video game? It's so you games while you're not...playing other games? I'm not sure how that works, but the thing looks well put-together and interesting. It's fantastic that it's so well documented and yeilded such a nice write up for the site. Digging in and getting the coolest info on rare/seldom seen merchandise like this is a real highlight of any update. Good stuff! Also: S & K Disposable camera. You'd think by now all the S & K stuff would have shown up already. Guess not! (but then again, it was disposable. Either sacrifice the camera, or never get your photos out) It's also great to see a good quantity of UK things showing up with the accessories & shirts in nice abundance. Everything had seemed to get so 'America centric' lately as that's all the merch that had been rolling in. (But then, why is the US suddenly short on shirts?) Variety is the spice of updates...usually. Next week: Could be anything. Likely to contain more fakery to avoid though. A mid week update is possible, but unlikely...this one was immense but seemed to only clear out what came in. Hotmail count is down to 225 though which is decent enough. Hopefully it continues along as there are plenty of super interesting things sitting clogged up in there.