Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's Sonic Fan Time! Cadillac & Chevy?

This week's update is quite a big one.
So big, infact, that it will probably need 2 nights to complete it, so be on the look out for a 2nd half on monday...

Why? Because the fans have been so busy making Sonic Fan Objects! And this week's is QUITE special. Sonicboy productions has sent in tons of photos of a fully customized Sonic SUV. The first Sonic car was amazing, and this one is too! With real air brush art, glittering paint, and gold rings headliner, this is really something to see. There are so many Sonic details inside, you've got to see all the photos. And that's not all...he's doing a Shadow one next!

It's really great to see stuff as big as cars or trucks customized in Sonic's image. It's really hard to do something like that, so you need to be a totally dedicated fan. Everywhere it goes, people who see it are likely very pleased, if they know of Sonic at all. Since it is technically a 'show truck' it goes to gatherings and sits in a little Sonic theme space. The designer is looking for a BIG Sonic standee to spice up this space...

The other Fan Items include plushes from 2 custom plush sources. Unfortunately though, they aren't as forthcoming as the truck designer. These seem to be the type of places where if you email them they don't write back. So here go the photos anyway! I figure if they are not online enough to check email, they are not online enough to go to SonicGear either.

Then, someone makes clever use of Lego pieces to create a Fang Nack the Sniper, while someone else took a different view of some pretty paper weights. The creativity of Sonic fans never stops!