Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Week Update

Well, with this being a holiday week and all, part 2 was a bit late...
But it went on there. TONS of stuff came in this week, like another perfect storm of merch. It's not all on yet either, which makes the next couple of things harder.

New pages!
Korea & Israel will both be getting a merch page. This is sort of unusual, because they had like...NILL before now. A country page (ie Spain, France) generally starts off on 'international' until it gets enough stuff for it's own page with titlecard and all. Not the case here, everything just snapped in out of the woodwork all in 1 go.

But where did it come from?
Is a Japanese gallery up up by Sega. You can go see the merch that will be appearing there. (ability to read not nec.) It's likely part of some 20th special/retrospective deal. But, since it's a company doing it, they don't care if the images are harvested. So I got them all already. The descriptions aren't always right (they mis label some things, and generalize a few UK knowns into 'euro' general) but they're mostly for the best. They DO riff on some things--for instance having fits over that Toy Island Knuckles (6in line) ring holder widget he came with. Still, the whole thing's an interesting look till they take it  down. (It may go down, but Gear is forever...)

As you can also see the new Riders going up this week...
Storm's the first out, and he looks decent. (Rather alien looking from the side though, isn't he) Anyone who can resist buying right away will likely get him with white socks. Wave the Swallow has been confirmed by ToyWiz, for all the reliability that statement has. Still, it 's good to see that she shouldn't fall victim to the "Girls Curse" which is just dumb in my opinion. Why should it exist? No one can explain it, yet it sure seems to. If she turns up shortly, it'll inspire more confidence in JW for sure.

Item of the week:
The plastic tumbler. 2 words: Cool. Gimmick. (its on housewares USA)

Who saw the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Sonic was in position #1! What an honor! He was right behind the Macys Puffy Stars balloons, which ALWAYS lead the that's super cool. Just as pictured in the sneak preview earlier, he looked great. Hopefully he'll appear every year from now on. (Santa Claus is always the last item in the parade, just as the stars are always first--but one must assume the first Balloon is a place of honor of some kind. Very interesting.)

Buying Alert:
If you can get to Walmart this weekend, you can take advantage of the "black friday" time sale to get 2 new Sonic things. A "Football Catchin'" Sonic sweatshirt for like 4 bucks, and an Adult Mens checker (its new) blue modern tee for around 5 dollars. It'd be worth a check to see if they're still there over the weekend. Neither item made it to this week's update.

Next week:
If all goes well, the 2 new pages plus struggling to post the rest of the stuff. This is difficult.