Monday, March 02, 2015

Small Update Small Complaints

A fairly ordinary update...
A few more items from Toyfair, but not a whole lot else. This is generally the time of year for 'release doldrums' because spring has the exciting movies along with summer, and Feb. is just basically whatever showed up at toyfair.

Only Boom:
The fans were hoping that something NOT boom would appear at Toyfair too, but I'm going to say by now, since nothing's showed up, it isn't. The only non-boom merch announcement recently was the Chaotix plushes, and F4F Tornado diorama figures, but they didn't use toyfair to do that. Of course, the Boom news WAS good, Metal Sonic & Shadow are confirmed as action figures. This is decent as well because it appears that their "Boomstyle" is very close to how they just normally look, which means non-Boom-style fans may* want them.

*notice how you can hardly find the Orbot/Cubot pack, they look the same as they do in non-Boom properties so every fan is snapping them up. Plus, they always seem funny when they appear, so why not grab a fun figure of these 2 henchbots?

Cliff-shaped wheel launcher: Reported & confirmed on clearance.
(Gee I wonder why...........the thing was 30 bucks for not much and everyone knew it)

"Metal" Espio?
More like 'uncreative Espio" says anyone who sees this leaked image from the Sonic mobile Runners game. His name isn't confirmed so maybe...."slightly cyborg Espio" or "minor modifications clone failure Espio" will be his more appropriate name. (They removed his pupils, added 6 bolt-bumps to his head and drew a seam on his horn! WOW SUCH ROBOT MUCH MECH. They didn't even bother altering his hands to make them robotic, and if you saw the character from a distance you'd think it was just the normal Espio character)
Going on previous 'robot versions' including MS, MK & Tails Doll, each of those looked like the original character but was significantly different in quite a few ways. And those were done ages ago, with hardware limits etc.

But do phone games really influence anything else?
I have no idea.

Someone steals Tails figure from Boom Airplane box:
Entire box front is open to touching of plane and action figure, figure only held in via plastic ties: 0 people shocked when figure is stolen. Except maybe Tomy, who made the box like that. I had been keeping a secret countdown to when someone would submit a photo of that thing with either the airplane broken or filthy or the Tails missing. End result: Will they change their boxing ways?

Not a complaint: Archie Crossover Expands:
Remember how well the Archie Sonic & Megaman Crossover did last year? Well, they're not just going to let a success go by the wayside. Naturally they planned another for this year, but apparently other Sega properties are going to be allowed to appear in it. Is this a "Surprise change" that could gum up the plot, or was it just kept under wraps until now? Hopefully it's the latter and this set of books succeeds as well as the last.

Next week:
If merchandise in general continues to be slow, the videos section will update again.