Monday, August 30, 2010

Jazwares Figure Release Info (Colors/FreeR)

The 2nd half of the update brings more pages of stuff...
And a fairly important release information for you to read:

It is confirmed by ToyNewsi that:
Jazwares WILL do figures for:
Sonic Colors
Sonic Free Riders

3 inch line & 5 inch line (!!) figures are expected for the games. Nothing specific (ie wisps, a 5 inch Tails, things people are looking for) has been confirmed yet. However, you can probably bet on wisps going to the 3in line.
--Info discovered by Hazard777

There WILL be a mini racer Knuckles
It isn't known how he'll be released, (since he wasn't on the multi-pak)
--Info by BlueBomber

PURE Speculation by me:
We'll get 5 inch line Tails & Knuckles. People want these.
We'll get some kind of wisp-pack with multiple wisps.
Knuckles mini racer will be single-card release

Update Notes:
I want to buy the 3-hedgehogs wallet. It's dark enough gray that it can actually be used. I don't know what they're thinking with pale and white wallets, those things will get dirty and look awful in 1 second no matter what you do. Plus, you know they're not pure quality leather where you can saddlesoap them. Collectible only...I guess.

It's kind of odd that the 2nd keychain to feature an emerald is also a clear emerald. Everyone's hoping to get multiple emerald colors, are they only going to release clear ones on everything?

In the mood for keychains?
The Gear Store: Keychains & Pins has been updated & fixed.
The Super Sonic stuff got in, and so did the Amy Key Cap. I fixed as many of the items as possible (they sell out fast! The links break all the time in there...) but I do fear some of them may end up getting retired. Something that's retired moves permenently out of the store (as no one sells it any more) and then it can only be seen on the regular Gear page.
*Also: the 'wireframe Sonic shirt' went onto the Clothing Store

Next week?
More store! More stuff has been released, so expect to see other sections update in the store. It'll be another mail grab-bag, so it's anything goes. Hopefully Jazwares stuff will get into better detail too...if I can buy it.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jazwares MIB Photo update

Headlining this week:
The single-card Metal Sonic & Vector Espio Comic pack. Probably got about 15 mails regarding these items, but only 2 could go on, so the 'you're late' dissapointment will be handed out, but it's all for the best because...everybody actually gets to SEE these guys.

MS Single Pack-
Will delight LOTS of fans. If you missed the 2-pak or didnt want to spend 13, this is your perfect chance. I'll also be buying this in hopes that this MS won't fall apart like the comic pak one did. One may argue that the Eggman Diorama thing renders this one obsolete, but if you wanted to leave that 2-pak mib, but still have a Metal Sonic, it's the way to go.

Vector Espio 2 Pack-
There isn't really a reason to not get this unless you hate the Chaotix. And I don't know of anyone who does. You'll notice that the comic is different too, it's 138, rather than being a next-to-current one. This, many people will likely feel is more worth-while, because if you are missing back issues it's a super way to fill it in without laying down money in a comic shop. You already know the figures look great from the JW photos already on-site, so this one is a non-decision.

Update will appear in 2 parts.
There's plenty of other items to go up for the week, just can't get them all on in 1 update. The 2nd half of the update SHOULD also see the store updated too. GE has let out some nice stuff, including a wallet (3 hedgehogs) which even I would like to collect. Since they're usually on Amazon, the store should have these things added to it shortly.