Wednesday, September 04, 2013

2 Dissapointing Photos

I had a bit of excitement this week.
I have to admit when I saw the headline of an email, something like "Jazwares re-sculpts super posers Sonic" that I was really happy. I was like "YES! Finally! JW sees how Sonic & Shadow SP are now clearly their WORST SPs & they have fixed it! I can't wait to see this new sculpt & I hope their next plan is to fix regular Sonic & Shadow too! I'll be buying this for sure!"

Then I actually saw the photo.
Disappoint. And, it's totally illogical too. Their decision to "paint a Sonic yellow" to say he is "super" WAS logical. It fits in with the logic of fleecing the fans and tricking un-knowing adults into buying a shabby figure. It's extremely logical to a lazy person. You can also, by this logic, paint Sonic black and say "This is Shadow! Buy him!" and get away with it. Hey, they're both hedgehogs!

So, where's the lack of logic in JW new (and slightly improved) Super Sonic?
They ONLY re-sculpted the spikes to be 'up'. They didn't fix the face at all! That does not make sense because to put the spikes up, you HAVE to spend the money on a NEW HEAD mold. You have to re-create that head if you want to change the whole back of it around. So why would you just use the old, worse face? They HAVE the CG art 3D renders or whatever from the games to take his face from. Even scaling up the 5 inch Super Sonic head would be better than just leaving it.

Are they wasting money?
With me, yes. I didn't buy their rubbish 'yellow Sonic' and I'm not getting this one either. I've got the original Toy Island SP (not on display) and until they do a better job at least with his face, that's how it'll stay.

With other fans?
Possibly. Anybody who bought 'yellow Sonic' will be disappointed that they spent on him, now that this more accurate one is out. Anybody who is holding out for a better sculpt won't buy. However, anyone who is getting all figures no-matter what, or who will tolerate the sub-par sculpt & really wants a Super poser will spend on him.

Disappointing photo #2
That prototypes Wisp pack! ALL the wisps! (at least all they made molds for) Who wouldn't want this! (I mean unless they hated Colors or something) WHY didn't they release something where any one in any country could just get all the wisps! Geez, if you're going to spend money having molds done for stuff, why not try to sell them to everyone?

Item of the (last) week:
The Sonic Diary. Just when you think all of the old stuff has been uncovered, some other weird old thing turns up. It must be pretty darn rare too, since it's so old and not some super tiny thing.

What's up with all the fast food?
These last couple of updates have each had something Fast Food related. Not real sure why, it's a pretty old category and usually isn't active at all.

Next week:
Might get into more old mail, or there could be a Gear Store update.