Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sonic Gear.Org! Move successful!

All right!
Sonic Gear has now officially moved to it's own server space. is the new name to remember! Set all your bookmarks, this is gonna be a great year for gear! That evil NameKing couldn't get rid of our favorite hedgehog, despite his awful efforts. .org is just as easy to remember, and after all, isn't Sonic Gear an Organization for fans to see?

The move was a bit rougher than expected for the old host. Rather than move with them, Gear needed it's own space instead. Merlinwebs went down, and STILL is. That's why there's no re-direct yet. Hopefully any fan of the site bookmarked the blog to see this...

Gear's own move is fine. It was a simple affair, and all of is now back up and running. The news has been updated, and you can expect further content updates soon. (Like probably wed of this week)
Here's to fresh hosting and an even cooler site!