Monday, May 16, 2011

Pajama Update

After the underwear comes the...PJs apparently.
This update sees almost nothing but clothing items. Certainly, the UK had much more than I had anticipated/heard about. The variety for the pajamas & boxers is really something to see. However, pj pants can be worn/enjoyed by anyone while boxers are sort of 'not for girls', so the pants will see more use/are more for everyone. A good thing!

It's great to see sections getting such a focused & thorough update again.
Having to go through maximum mails kind of stopped the 'themed updates' that people had enjoyed. The other thing to go on was shirts. As a big shirt collector, this was fun for me to see as well. The USA had at least 10 new designs, and 1 for 'Wanted Gear'.

Curiosity point:
What is it with writing sound effects onto underwear? I mean do you really want "BANG SPLAT" written on your butt? (if you do, then there's a pair for you out there this week) I am I the only one who sees this as a little funny? Sound effects have their place and all (in comic books) but "Kaboom" isn't particularly underwear material. (insert fabric related pun here) It's almost like that 'bustin thru/out' design on the true vintage usa Sonic underwear. You dont want anything bustin' thru/out of the butt area of your underwear. This reminds me of kool aid man for some reason ("oh yea")

What happened to the blog last week?
You'll notice it's post was yesterday instead of when it should have been. The new Internet Explorer version hates blogger or something. You would think they would want to make this program that lots of people use work with the blogging site that even more people use. Plus, it's been out how long now and they not figure it out?

Yes, USA Clothing 11 is the new page for the week. Forgot to mention it on index.

Next week:
Shows page? It's possible if the mail is calm enough. Got the numbers down again, 200 even this time, but semi-cheating by getting rid of old info mails that didn't have actual stuff in them. However, thats good for people who sent in info and now get the credit added. There are some biggie mails lurking loaded with tons of stuff still.