Sunday, February 12, 2006

Search Bar Starting!

Well, isn't this a relief.
Another copy/paste of the google ad code for the site search bar, and it actually produced a result!

Instead of saying 'page not found' or 'no results' every time, it's pulling words from the index page! is only the index page at this point, but that's better than it was before, so why not get excited!

The index makes all kinds of excuses for the button, but I'm not really sure what else to do with it. I am still thinking that Google has to index the site to trigger the proper working for the button. However, maybe if more people press it (and are dissapointed) it may attract google's attention or something. Who knows how that stuff works--other than a bot crawling your page.

Behind the scenes work has also been going on with gear. It may appear static, but a SiteMap has been uploaded with XML code in it to help out search engines. Also discovered was that MSN's search engine picked it up most recently, resulting in a jump in viewers. All good news...

But where is the update, you say?
It's coming, most likely monday night. What will it be? Probably another grab-bag loaded with goodies over several pages.
What about the teaser?
Well, that's not quite set yet. It's getting collaberated on and I must first recieve a disk. But trust me on this one, it'll knock your Knuckles-themed socks off! An early appearance of an item may be let out as a teaser though, since it's taking a bit to get it going. (Think...golden!)

But do bear with hit, Sonic Gear may not have a perfect update schedule yet, but things are on the way, and the search bar is looking up!