Sunday, May 21, 2006

Riders Arrives!

Well well...the Sonic Riders Vs. Gamespot saga concludes!
Fortunatly, this has a happy ending. Sonic Riders for Game cube arrived (2 months late!) but in one piece. As you recall in the previous post, the 'free t shirt' arrived separatly from the game after they scrambled a mailing address, errored out when trying to change it, and had to be emailed about 6+ times just to get anything to happen.

It rather goes without saying, but Sonic Gear will never pre-order anything from there again. It was too much a hassle to nag them, correct bizzarre errors they made, and harass them into giving off the "free" item they tried to deny by delaying an order indefinatly. Too bad! The shirt (while sized for Brolly) was actually a nice bonus.

The actual Riders revew for is coming soon, probably during the coming week, some time as it hasn't been fully beaten/unlocked yet due to it just arriving. And remember, this game was PRE ORDERED a week in advance of the real release date!

In other news...
Gear has aquired a new camera! This is a Hitachi DVDCAM BX35A, and it also takes videos! It is still on its' "Trial Period" to see if it is fitting for what we want to do. How do you like its pictures? The Spanish Sonic Perfume was taken with this new digital camcorder. Testing this camera/buying it & accessorizing for it have also taken a bit of time. It should be worth it though, as now updates can be faster, once new Sonic Merchandise is aquired. Fun!