Sunday, July 06, 2008

Calendar of Crud

SonicGear gets a new section!
Calendar of Crud. This section is the final part of an overhaul to Mutant Gear. Yes, overhauls of various sections were promised, and now they're starting. The mail is down to 49 things (from over 100) so that frees me up to do more enhancements like this.

The Calendar was created (as it states) to corral the stupid holiday ToyNetwork plushes. They were basically taking over all of mutant gear and spoiling it (if thats possible). There had just gotten to be sooo many of them that they needed to go in their own little section. The mutant stuff actually displays an 'interesting' variety when its not swamped with the same company churning out endless junk.

The other thing that went up this week was the Gashapon set into display figures. It needed something cool to balance out all the mutant stuff. The near-entire set is in Gear personal collection. The only one not is the darn gold Sonic because it wasn't known at the time. I got the whole thing on ebay back when sets were being sold. The only photos missing are that of the boxes, which were all the same.

The rest of the update was moving stuff around like the pins from Japan to Australia and the super shoes plush from Japan plush to Super Gear. A few facts were also tossed around and credited, as well as the nasty keychains getting binned from the store because they're stupid and under suspicion of bootlegging. The final curiosity being that the Silver Sonic plush was ruled legit, and moved onto Mutant Gear for being so strange. Hopefully the real story behind this thing will turn up at some point.