Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween from Sonic Gear!

It might not be Halloween quite yet, but it is time for an update.

The closest update to the date of Halloween always turns into a 'trick or treat special' here at SonicGear. This time, there are some lame official costumes, a lame mascot, a good mascot, and a meager offering of mystry food and Life Savers candy. (It seems the USA is nearly out of Sonic foods, being that most of them seem to be already published onto Gear--this is both good and bad. Good in that you can see it all right away, bad in that, there aren't many updates to that area.)

I have never known why the halloween costumes of Sonic (official ones) are so consistently awful. Also, how do they keep showing up on Ebay every year? Someone must have bought up a zillion of them, to keep the 'new on card' costumes like these coming, year after year. Remember, this stuff is from the NINTEIES...that's a darn while ago. Is it possible that Sonic X will generate enough interest to warrant a new and better official costume? Many fans enthusiastically hope so...

For some 'scares', the real frightening news is that Mutant Gear has gotten a second page. With 3 things on it, to start everything off on the wrong foot! There's even wacky halloween ToyNetwork mutant plushes.

Next week is looking like it could be another grab-bag of items, unless a theme presents itself in the image bins. It is indeed about time for a grab bag, because random things have been piling up in the image bins.