Sunday, June 24, 2007

Suprise Sonic Project Finally Revealed!

Well, the secret project of is finally revealed!
The commercial for the site has now been revised and successfully posted on Youtube. You can see it here:

This was fun to make! It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, which is good, because now I'll make another. (at some point) With help from friends, I made some revisions to this video and will soon tear down the old, worse one. The pans are better, and the choppy-ness should be much reduced. I also added the GreenHill Zone music, (as that's where it's set)

The setting had to be instantly recognizable, and where better than Green Hill? With the distinctive checkered ground and geometric flowers, it's fun to make with colored paper! The whole set is actually done in construction paper. The flowers are movable too, they fit into pockets on the set. Knuckles' fake 'hole' in the ground is hilarious in it's B-movie type cheez.

The whole cast is action figures. They're both ReSaurus and Toy Island. There are 4 Sonic's used! Amazing? Well...each one has a role because no one figure actions well enough to do everything required. The best looking one (standing, thumbs up) is also the LEAST articulated so...that's rather unfortunate for an action show. Why did Knuckles change into Space Knuckles? Because ToyIsland has not done an ordinary Knuckles yet, and the ReSaurus one isn't articulated enough to do the moves for the show. So it became a wacky plot-point.

Who is behind the camera?
Tails! That's why he's not in this one.
The ad never DID get finished?
Well, no. So of course, we need a sequel. I'll do another one for sure. This was actually plotted so it would demand another. If everyone likes it, or it gets lots of views, I'll do something special.