Thursday, August 04, 2005

The First Entry

The first post...
Interesting thing, trying to figure out what to say on this experimental endeavor. Trying blogging due to several factors, one of which being my websites. I webmaster 2 sites,

The first one is the internets ultimate gallery of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise. Eventually, it should have a photo of every single Sonic the Hedgehog (or related person) item made available. There's a signifigant amount of merchandise up there now, but it's got a long way to go. All the better, really, for anyone interested in it.

Sonic Gear is not JUST a gallery though. It's meant to show people where they can find the items seen on the site. Companies that produce Sonic items are well known for SUCKING at telling the fans where to get them. It is time someone stepped in and solved that.
So here is Sonic Gear.

The second site is my Phantasy Star Online site. It has comics, NPC (Non Player Character) info, and plot info for the first 3 incarnations of this interesting online game. Currently, it's on a bit of a hold due to a few factors, undoubtedly to be mentioned later. It too remains unique on the (English language bit at least) internet. No where else has the kind of in-depth data that the site provides, or a longer-running continuous-story comic/doujinshi.

The websites, though, are only the first reasons for the blog. What can you expect to find here? Not really sure 100% yet. But that's part of the action, I suppose. Where will we go and what will we do along the way?