Monday, January 28, 2019

Amy Rose Update - Return of the Theme

Remember a long time ago when SonicGear used to have themed updates?
Like 10 things of accessories, or 'all shirts' or 'all Knuckles'. It used to happen, but became impractical, so having this week be All Amy was a fun change of pace. It was made possible by the SegaShop, because they seem to be going through character phases where they'll combine 'a look' and 'a char' and make it into a type of small line. Like Amy+Color Smash or whatever they were calling it made the themed stuff this time.
Tails had a theme too, previous to her, where there was quite a few solo Tails items, but I don't think he got the variety she did for whatever reason.

Why is it good?
Fans of a character tend to really, really love when that character can appear JUST by itself, without random logos or 'with Sonic' makes them the star! It's been that way since probably Segaworld existed in several places and started doing it. I like this as well, as a shirt collector--it's always extra fun to have just Shadow or just Metal or something on a tee.

The Segashop is costly.
YEP. Their stuff, even when on sale, is always teetering right on the higher end of what you'd want to spend for anything......and some of the prices are just bonkers, like those phone cases. Really gang? A flat plastic thing that fits a phone that lasts like 4 years or less and then won't ever be useful for anything else because the next model of phone will move some stupid gizmo 2 cm over.

The Segashop needs to stop the generic stuff.
It's one thing to be high end, high quality or a rares dealer. But if you least stay away from the generic Chinese-stamp-on garbage? How many of those stupid 'rhinestone hearts' hair charms or whatever they are have you seen at knockoff kiosks? Oh yeah Amy's in there now, but that same factory is churning out Mickey Mouse + Spongebob all day long too. Same with those all white 'stamp whatever' water bottles where it's like really obvious. That's NOT a good look when the bottle's like 30 and you're trying to convince buyers you are a high end thing with good designers and quality stuff.

No word from the movie #notmysonic
So...hopefully that's all right news so the damn thing can get thrown in the trash where it belongs, sight unseen.

2019 A New Year - A New Stuff?
Well hopefully so. The things that seem to be going strongest however, are the SegaShop and kind of a degree of a couple makers in England. As you'll recall Tomy is having serious issues now that TRU is out of the picture so there's no action figure news much. The Boom Ban is still gone and probably will never return, so Rouge , Espio, Chaotix and all should be safe to celebrate.
*Then why so much classic?
Generations & Mania! Classic has proved to be a hit with the fans through these games and fun cartoons so it's not much a wonder they're putting effort into neoclassic stock art. I do like modern better personally , but welcome classic if its neoclassic so it doesn't look stale.

Next week?
You can bet some villains will make an appearance!