Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sonic Chronicals Update

Update: ontime
Blog Post: Late

Answer? Meh. This week's update wasn't super spectacular. It was kind of here to help celebrate the launch of Sonic Chronicals: Dark Brotherhood of Fanficcish titles. er...well the new Sonic DS game that's an RPG, oddly enough. The early reviews say it's working out well despite the initial uneasyness of traditionally not so fast things (rpgs) mixing up with traditionally fast things (Sonic). SonicGear has yet to aquire the game, but the update must go on!

Naturally to celebrate it, highlighted this week were the bonus items, Aluminum tin, stylus set and DS skin. Likely the most sought-after will be the tin because it's real metal, holds your system and several games and has Sonic all over it. It's the highest-end of the give-aways, with the skin being the lowest end.
It is great to see Australia getting some nice swag, usually they're burdened with getting games much later than other places for no real reason. (what? it's not like cargo ships dont go there as much as they do everywhere else) While their delays are terribly unfair, this time their bonus is great.

Also in the celebration theme, several more Sonic Party things went up. Interestingly, these goods (like...paper plates!) are in SUCH DEMAND. I can't go a month without getting a request for them on Gear--usually more. I hate having to turn away all the nice party planning parents, too. I mean, the last stuff in the usa was made in the 90s! You'd think paper goods would be so simple to churn out that SOMEbody'd be doing it for Sonic. I mean everybody and their aunt seems to want a Sonic the hedgehog party for their kids yet no one can fiddle together a banner or a paper cup? It seems rediculous.

Mostly though, it was meant to take down the mail further in preparation for the video update to Gear. The video update should begin the overhaul of that whole section of Gear...but it doesn't help anyone with their mail. So the mail has to be reasonably under control so that it can wait a week while all the broken Youtubes are fixed and the section is spruced up. Old expression is old.

Upcoming update:
Going to have some serious shirts on it. (yes, again, yes so soon, but this time from the USA) Likely to also contain the start of the video fix, and a re-write of the 'mail sending' page to further enforce the disclaimer that 'not all mail gets on gear right away'. Also begun contemplating a special project.